Gain Muscle and be a Fashion Icon

Gaining muscle mass is considered as one of the dreams of every male all over the world? Why? It adds up to their masculinity and makes girls want them and gain more confidence. Admit it, if you're still in high school and someone asks you about what you want your body to look like, you'll choose the jock that has a pea for a brain but a body of a ramp model rather than a geek hiding underneath glasses who's a walking encyclopedia. But really, gaining muscle isn't all for those who can't gain brain. It's just that, some would compensate gaining muscles rather than knowledge.

Much said. Would it be nicer if you have hunk-like muscles and a very intelligent personality? You're like a walking package. Women love muscles more than an intelligent mind, well, not entirely. But most of them do. On the other hand, gaining muscles is for those who are conscious about their body. With the trend of having nice abs and mass, it would be nice if people see gaining of additional mass as something healthy and not just to prove masculinity.

Let's face it. Because of the appearance conscious society that we live in today, some men result to drastic measures in order to maintain their supple physique even with the absence of exercise. If you are that type who uses artificial products like steroids, then it's time that you renew your ways because there is no way that you can get something out of nothing.

There is a natural way of having the muscles that you love to have. You just have to be more committed and disciplined in order to follow the ideal way. Here are some of the most important tips in order to shape yourself up.

1. Modify your diet.
It is not enough that you exert so much effort in bodybuilding. You also have to maintain the required dietary allowance that you need in order to be in top shape. Easting foods which are rich in fatty acids (omega-3) and fish are rich in protein and will help you grow. Some of the fish which are rich in omega-3 are lake trout, salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines and tuna.

Veggies or plant crops which are also rich in omega-3 such as walnuts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, soybeans, tofu and kale can also be included in the diet. Foods rich in omega-3 provide our muscles sensitive to insulin which help to fuel glycogen storage and hinder entry of amino acid into muscles.

2. Intake of sodium.
To encourage the growth of your muscles, you should increase healthy sodium intake in order to increase the fluid of your muscles. Sodium can enhance the absorption of amino acid and storage of carbohydrates in our bodies. Because of the effects it can do to the cellular fluid, you are to expect that sodium can add to gain weight which lessens muscles to strain and injure soft tissues.

3. Train.
If you really wish to have muscle gain, you have to work on some exercises which need resistance like dumbbells that are considered as free weights. They would train your muscles in the ancillary portion to build a mass that will be compounded on them. Dumbbells can be versatile and at the same time useful for building muscles because of the range of motion you can exert when you carry them.


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2 Responses to Gain Muscle and be a Fashion Icon

  1. Very very useful material. Im newly beginning to workout, about a month, and still had plenty of questions, but I’ve found plenty answers here….except for one. Do I need to be eating 5-6 times a day?

    • Working Out says:

      Hi, Malcolm!

      Glad to hear the site has helped – hope we’ll be able to help you all the way through your journey to a truly healthy lifestyle!

      As to the frequency of your meals, that’s a great question… Don’t feel bad that you’re wondering about it – even the ‘experts’ don’t agree on any one answer. The reason so many suggest eating every 3-4 hours is that the body doesn’t store protein – the protein your eat clears the body in about 4 hours. So if you’re looking to maximize your muscle mass using heavy workouts, eating protein that often keeps it available whenever your body needs it.

      On the other hand, if your goal is to burn fat then you may want to take a look at the new research on intermittent fasting. Proponents of this system say they’re getting great results by eating a calorie-deficit diet through the week, while fasting for 24 hours once or twice during the week. For example, if your weight-maintenence level is 2,500 calories a day, they recommend eating 2,000 calories per day and avoiding anything other than water for 24 hours once or twice a week. If you’re considering intermittent fasting, it’s prudent to check with your family doctor first, just to be sure it won’t negatively impact any conditions or medications in your own particular situation.

      For those just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not skipping meals and the protein:carb:fats ratio are probably more important than meal frequency, and use a high-quality protein shake in between to help you get enough protein to go with your workouts.

      Thanks again for your question, Malcolm – feel free to ask any time you have more questions we can help with!

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