Vitamins Good For Flu-Not Sure There Are Any

The flu is not something anyone wants to deal with, it is a miserable experience. So the fact that the flu season also coincides with the holiday season makes it all that more important to stay healthy and avoid the flu so you can enjoy the holidays to their fullest extent. There are a lot of ways you can avoid catching the flu, such as routinely washing your hands and getting plenty of rest or using Vitamins good for flu.

But sometimes you can not avoid catching the flu, but all is not lost just because you catch this nasty little bug. If you act early you can nip it in the bud before it becomes a real problem. But to do this you need to be able to determine whether or not you are sick, and for this you need to know what symptoms to look for.

1. Fever. One of the main symptoms would be a high fever of around 100F. If you feel flushed and find out you have a fever, you should take medicine and get plenty of rest so that your body can fight it off before it drags you down too far.

2. Coughing. We all cough, of course, so no need to get paranoid. However if you find yourself coughing a lot more then usual, this may be a potential sign that you caught the flu. Check to see if you have any other symptoms and again, make sure to get plenty of rest.

3. Headache. Another symptom of the flu is headaches. While, like the cough, headaches can be caused by a number of things so you do not need to jump the gun and start taking Vitamins good for flu or something. But just be aware that it may be a symptom of the flu.

4. Tiredness. Major illnesses like the flu require a lot of work for your body to fight off, this will leave you consistently fatigued and feeling tired. This is why it is so important to get plenty of rest, so that you body can properly fight off the invaders.

5. Limb and joint ache. One of the unique symptoms of the flu is that your limbs and joints feel sore. This can be a tell tale sign that you have the flu when your limbs and joints ache without any real reason behind it.

6. Upset stomach. Another symptom is the common stomach ache. This is not always present when you have the flu but often times it is, so make sure to go light on your meals and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated if you find yourself vomiting.

7. Sore throat/running nose. A sore throat and/or runny nose can also be signs that you have the flu. Vitamins good for flu can help calm down these issues and speed up your rate of recovery as well.

8. Loss of appetite. This symptom is pretty easy to spot, if you find yourself never really feeling hungry it is a good bet you have the flu. Since you are ingesting less food, and especially if you are suffering from an upset stomach, you need to make sure you keep your fluids up.


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