Weight Loss Surgery – Is It For You

If you are overweight and considered morbidly obese, weight loss surgery may be your only choice left to lose the weight for good. I know firsthand how being obese can affect your life both physically and emotionally. It is a lot more difficult to do things and if you are like me and you used to be thin, you probably still think of yourself that way and think you do not look that bad. Then, you see a picture of yourself. This happened to me just the other day and I was absolutely devastated.

I have since decided to redouble my efforts and get busy losing the weight. If I can't, I may consider weight loss surgery as a final option to get the job done. The question will be which surgery is my best option, there are several to choose from.

Even before you talk to your doctor about which surgery is the best for you, do some research online. If you learn all you can about your options then the discussion with your doctor will be short and sweet. You can choose from the lap band, gastric bypass, (these are the two most popular), and others. Learn about each one's potential complications, average weight loss achieved, success rates, and average cost.

One of the best ways to learn about all your options is to go to a seminar. Most are free of charge and are provided by local bariatric surgeons. You can even schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with the surgeon you choose. Go in to this meeting well informed and let the surgeon know which surgery you are leaning toward and why, they will be able to then go over all the pros and cons of your surgery of choice.

I know one person who had the lap band surgery and she has lost all the weight she wanted to. It has taken several years but she finally made her goal weight and she looks great. As a matter of fact, talking with others who have had any type of surgery can solidify any decision you need to make about getting some type of surgery yourself. When you see someone else be successful then your confidence is higher and your chances of being successful are better.

If you are worried about the cost of the surgery, do yourself a favor and check with your insurance company because you may just be covered. Being morbidly obese has it's many health risks and your insurance company probably figures it will cost less to cover some type of bariatric surgery then to cover all the treatments you may need from all the risks involved with being obese.

The advantages of bariatric surgery can far outweigh (SORRY) the potential risks when you consider all your options, the least of which should be to remain morbidly obese. If you really want to look your best and be healthier than you have been for a long time you should do your research on all the weight loss surgery options available.


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