Vitamin D3 Benefits

As you most likely already know, new studies and more research in most areas of health and medicine are going on all the time. Every time a new study is completed the results are pored over and oftentimes the results from one study contradict some previous results. That is also the case with
vitamin d3 benefits.

Though it is pretty much universally accepted that
vitamin d3 benefits are most commonly found in the areas of bone health and fortifying the immune system, there are other areas of interest that new research is starting to bring to light.

New research if finding that D 3 may be able to help lessen the symptoms of fibromyalgia as well as general joint pain.

There is some evidence to suggest that Vitamin D 3 is also beneficial in alleviating joint pain, arthritis, adhd and autism. Though many of those studies are inconclusive at this time, the early results are promising.

Vitamin D3 is found in many foods and can be synthesized by the body when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D3 is a hormone that is naturally occurring in the body.

For those who live in a climate that doesn't get much sun during the year, or just during the winter, a supplement may be able to add the needed vitamin D 3.

Also, with increased awareness of the risks of sunlight and increases in skin cancer rates, getting out in the sun may not be the best option for you. For anyone in these situations a supplement will often be able to quickly and easily provide them with all the Vitamin D 3 they need to keep their bones and joints healthy.

Since getting Vitamin D can be as simple as just getting out in the sun for a few minutes daily, it is not impossible, but generally quite difficult to get toxic levels of Vitamin D 3 into your body.

Some of the most common symptoms for too much vitamin D 3 are: nervousness, irritability, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and severe headaches.

If left unchecked other, even more serious, health issues can occur. Over time toxic levels of D 3 can lead to permanent heart disease and high blood pressure.

If you are taking a vitamin D 3 supplement and start to have any of these symptoms you should talk to your doctor. Though these symptoms can be a signs of a wide range or health issues, and that D 3 toxicity is not only really unlikely it also take months in most cases to manifest, it still is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it if you have any of these symptoms.

Your body needs a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to function the way it was intended to function. Too often our diets are lacking and don't provide us with all the nutrients we really need.

If this happens, though, the good news is that we have learned how to get the vitamins and minerals into pill or powder form.
Before you take any type of supplement, even with all the vitamin d3 benefits available, make sure you talk to your doctor for the best dosing options to keep you healthy.


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