Vitamin B4 No Longer Considered To Be A Vitamin

You may not have known it, I sure didn't, but there are many B vitamins. We used to think that there was just one B vitamin but over the years it has been discovered that there are actually several distinct B vitamins… vitamin b4 is just one of them.

Today if you want to "lump them all together" your best bet is to get a B complex. This vitamin usually contains all eight different B vitamins in the mix.

Of course, each one of the B vitamins will affect a slightly different area of your overall health. That is why you don't want to necessarily target just one B vitamin but rather get a complex blend to give you as many of the healthful attributes as possible.

Today, vitamin b4 is no longer considered an actual vitamin and is not even included in B complex anymore. There are many naturally occurring foods where you can get vitamin b from. Most of these will allow you to get enough of this vitamin into your body to keep it running optimally.

For most people, taking a B complex vitamin is all they need, in addition to a good workout plan and good eating habits. It is generally not necessary to add more of each individual vitamin to your daily routine. A good quality B complex should do the trick.

Before you start taking any supplements, you want to make sure you contact your doctor first. Even with all natural products or things, such as vitamins, that are good for your body it is possible to have potentially harmful drug interactions.

It's also possible to take too much. Some people believed, incorrectly, that if one supplement is good several must be better. The fact is that with most vitamin and mineral supplements there can be a very fine line between the right amount and a potentially toxic dosage level.

No matter what your situation, a good talk with your doctor is a good idea. You want to get the most out of these supplements, you sure don't one to make you sick or to feel worse, do you?

Another thing to keep in mind is that with most vitamin and mineral supplements, you have options as to where you can buy them. In many cases you will get a better deal online, but a better deal price wise does not necessarily translate into a better, higher quality product.

There can be wide variations as to the strength of various supplements. Some may have more of the actual ingredients that you want than others.

Some may have a better delivery system so that your body is better able to absorb more of the desired vitamin or mineral. In short, not all vitamins are created equal. Make sure you take some time to find not only the right supplements for you but the best brand of supplements too.

One word of caution: just because a certain brand runs more t.v. or magazine ads and you are more familiar with it does not mean it is better… it just means they have a bigger advertising budget. Ask around and do some research before you buy.

Even though vitamin b4 is no longer considered to be a B vitamin at all and isn't included in the B complex vitamins, you can still get all you need just by eating a healthy diet.


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