Truth About Cant Lose Weight Myth

If you're reading this it means you and I both have run up against that "cant lose weight myth", but we both chose to believe it. It wasn't our fault though, because our parents, friends, loved ones, co-workers and even people who didn't like us, were quick to tell us to give it up, you will never lose weight.

You were taunted with sayings like "Fatty, Fatty, 2 By 4 you can't fit through the bathroom door. All of this because you were overweight and it didn't matter what you did, it seemed you couldn't get it off. In todays society that is considered bullying and can have very serious consequences in school.

Stop believing right now that you cant lose weight. I'm here to tell you that it's a myth and you can lose weight I did.

I weighed well over 220 pounds (I was small boned and only 5'6", had high blood pressure, borderline diabetic and my personal life was in a total melt down. I couldn't hold a job because of my health problems and the people I tried to work with were worse than children about me being overweight.

Shortly thereafter I was watching the Dr. Phil show and he was talking to people just like you and me. You know the "fat ones". He told those folks they had to stop believing they couldn't lose weight. Right then is when I realized that was precisely what was stopping me. I believed I can't lose weight.

What Dr Phil said made more and more sense. To make a long story short what he said was you have to believe you can lose weight and would have to change your lifestyle to accomplish the weight loss goals.

The first step was to go to your doctor and have him check you out to make sure you can start an exercise program. Contact a friend and become accountable and for help with the reprogramming of your mind and reaching the weight loss goals.

This is not easy. But when you lose the weight it is well worth it. You will lose weight and gain self confidence and a positive attitude toward life. It is important to keep working on it so you will keep the weight off. Dont be hard on yourself if you slip now and again. Just get back up and start again. The myth that you cant lose weight is just that a myth.


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