Pill for a Pound

It's time to have an honest answer to one of the most important questions in life: is there really a safe and effective weight loss medication in the market?

Weight Loss Medications Have One Purpose
…and it's not to make people to lose weight. Rather, weight loss medications are primarily designed to help – and not make – obese individuals achieve their goals. These medications are prescribed by doctors and must not be taken as a miracle cure for weight loss. No weight loss medication can supply all the benefits of the right exercise and diet regime. In fact, it will only work if it's used alongside healthy living.

Two Types of Weight Loss Medication
At present, doctors, fitness experts, and nutritionists can only offer you a choice between two types of weight loss medication:

Weight Loss Medication for Appetite Reduction – This type of medication contains key ingredients which induces the brain to experience lack of appetite or the absence of desire to eat. Weight loss medications for appetite reductions should only be used in a short-term basis, as specified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. There is however a few weight loss medications of this type that can be used permanently or in a long-term basis although doctor's consent is generally a requirement.

Weight Loss Medication for Reduced Fat Absorption – People normally gains weight when their bodies absorb too much fat. Obviously, weight loss medication of this type works by reducing the chances for bodies to absorb fat. They do this by making the body rid itself of undigested fat. As this is an unpleasant task when done frequently, individuals who are taking this type of weight loss medication are also advised to avoid eating too much fat.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Medication for You
There are various instances when individuals who are not obese may still opt and be allowed to take weight loss medication. If you're in this situation as well, here are some tips to help you choose the best weight loss medication for your needs:

Recommendations – Taking weight loss medication without any prior recommendation can be scary especially if the brand name isn't something you're familiar with. It's best that you find someone you know who can vouch for a product from personal experience.

Consult a Doctor – It's very important that you inform your physician first before taking any weight loss medication. As some medications have undesirable side effects, you might be placing yourself at risk without even being aware of it. Let your doctor know about your weight loss problem and the weight loss medication you're interested in taking.

Budget – Weight loss medication can be pretty expensive especially if you have to take them several times a day. If you have a budget, you can still take weight loss medication but it might require you to exercise and diet more.

Beware of False Advertising – If you have reasons for not wanting to consult a doctor regarding weight loss medication then this means that you have only your own wisdom to rely on when choosing the best weight loss medication for your needs.

Firstly, beware of false advertising. When you see medications that make liberal use of words such as "secret", "100% guaranteed", "effortless", and "easy", be very wary because most of these aren't able to live up to their promise.

Dos and Don'ts When Taking Self-Prescribed Weight Loss Medication:


Never mind that the friend who recommended the weight loss medication to you has been taking it for years and had no problems with it whatsoever. You and your friend are not the same people and you don't have the same medical history. So take time to read the instructions carefully from start to finish. If there's something you don't understand, don't hesitate to call the customer hotline (if there's none then it's time to feel suspicious about the authenticity of the product) and make inquiries.

What's the point of reading if you're not going to follow the specified instructions? Some people end up with bad experiences with their weight loss medication simply because they thought they knew better than the product's manufacturers. They don't. You don't. So follow the rules when taking weight loss medication.

Lastly, do stop taking the weight loss medication if you experience any undesirable symptoms. If symptoms persist even after you've stopped taking medication, consult a doctor immediately.


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