Lose Weight Programs How To Choose A Paid Diet Plan

There are a variety of lose weight programs out there. All of them have their adherents. All of them have their detractors. So, how do you choose one? This article will explore a number of lose weight programs so you can pick the one that is best for you.

First of all, there are any number of dieting books that come out each year. These range from no carbs to all carbs and everything in between. Some are based on specific food combinations. Others are based on strict calorie limitations. If something feels right in your gut, it's okay to try it for a few weeks and see if it pays off. Nothing you do for a few weeks is going to kill you.

The more popular diet books inevitably lead to paid membership web sites, supplements, and other money making ventures. If a diet has been successful for you, it may make sense to join. However, you should stick to the book's plan for a few weeks before investing more money in the program.

Other programs are based on meetings. For instance Weight Watchers takes an approach where you can have a specific number of calories (divided into "Points") each day. You also attend weekly meetings which are a combination of weigh ins and cheerleading sessions. If you decide to do Weight Watchers as your lose weight programs, consider going to two or three meetings at different times before you settle on one. That's because different meeting leaders have different styles. Further, the mix of people at a meeting can affect the tone, so find a group you are comfortable with.

Jenny Craig is a great lose weight programs for busy people who want to be able to microwave their meals. Everything except a few products from the produce isle and milk is included with the program. You will also meet one on one with a consultant to track your progress and do the weekly weigh in. The problem with Jenny Craig is that it is very expensive. You will spend $150 a week or so on "Jenny Food" and then another $30 to $50 at the grocery store. However, the food is quite good, and some even say it is restaurant quality.

Nutrisystem provides a similar program at a lower cost. The food is shipped to you four weeks at a time. Three fourths of the meals are "shelf stable" (ie. freeze dried) and don't need to be refrigerated. A new component to the system is their frozen food which composes one week of food each month that you can spread out through the month. The freeze dried food tends to be not so good. However, this is a much cheaper option for those who cannot afford Jenny Craig.

There are so many lose weight programs around that you have to pick and choose what you want. Don't swing from diet to diet. Instead, pick a plan that feels right and stick to it for the long run or until you meet your weight goals.


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