Diet For Abs

Do you want to know the principles of a diet for abs? Are you looking to develop a six pack? Did you know that changing your eating habits is as important as exercise? This article will look at six ways you can diet for abs.

Any diet for abs will begin with eating more fiber. You need to eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day to ditch the belly fat. Some researchers have even said that 35 grams is optimal. Fiber is the indigestible parts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The bulk factor of fiber is like a sponge – when it combines with the water in your digestive track, it soaks up everything. High fiber foods also fill you up, so you are unlikely to overeat. Finally, there is the "chew" factor. High fiber foods just take longer to eat. This allows your stomach to signal your brain that you are full before you stuff yourself.

The next strategy is to choose a sensible amount of quality carbs. The best diet for abs will have 45 to 65 percent of the calories from carbs. But this does not mean a lot of Twinkies. Fruits and vegetables have carbs in them, but they are the high quality ones.

Carbohydrates break down into glucose. This is stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver. When glycogen is stored, it carries with it three times its own weight as water. Fat and protein carry no weight. This is why people who go on no carb diets like Adkins can initially lose weight so quickly. They are really just losing water. That is why you don't want to go above 65% carbs in your diet.

Still, you want to have at least 45 percent carbs on your diet for abs. You should focus on balanced eating. For best results, eat at least three to five servings of veggies (15-25 grams of carbs); two to four servings of fruit (30-60 grams of carbs) and about 1 cup (8 ounces cooked or 2 ounces dry, or 2 slices of bread) of whole grains per day.

Next, you should drink your water. Many people mistakenly believe that drinking a lot of water will cause them to bloat. In fact, the opposite is true. Drinking water will flush your body of sodium. The water will be eliminated naturally. But when it takes the salt in your system with it, it will actually reduce bloating.

But, don't drink fizzy drinks such as soda. That's because pop and spritzers increase bloating. The carbon dioxide trapped in the bubbles creates gas, which slows down stomach emptying. Also, limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Both are natural diuretics, which increase fluid loss and don't replace your body fluids as effectively as water or juice.

The next tip on our diet for abs is to watch the sodium. You only need about 500 grams of sodium a day, but most people get between 3000 and 6000 grams in the modern diet. This is just too much. Processed food and restaurant meals are the main culprets. Try to eat at home by preparing your own foods more.

Try to eat light at night. Your biggest meal should be breakfast. A moderate lunch should follow at noon. Your evening meal should be the smallest of the day. And, after dinner, close the kitchen.

Finally, try to reduce your stress if you are on a diet for abs. Stress triggers cortisol which is a hormone that causes you to deposit fat around the organs in your abdomen. Exercising and deep breathing relaxation techniques can help you to chill out.

If you are trying to loose the tummy, try this diet for abs.


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