Causes And Complications Of Obesity

There are numerous causes of obesity. It is a very complex and often chronic disease. Obesity is not the same as being overweight and it is most often not caused by overeating. Studies and research have shown that the most common factor in determining risks of obesity is genetics. People that suffer from morbid obesity often have a family history of weight problems and obesity. However, there are other factors that can increase the risk of obesity and make people more prone to it.

Environmental factors often go hand in hand with genetic factors. If you are already dealing with genetic factors that are leading you towards a life of obesity, the lifestyle and environmental factors that are most common in America can make it nearly impossible to control your weight. Some environmental factors that impact the ability to control weight include fast food chains, living in a suburban area where you have to have a car to get around, and spending long days sitting at a desk. All of these factors can influence metabolism and the best use of fat storage within the body. People that suffer from morbid obesity cannot have anything less than a total environment change in order to be successful and get to a healthy weight.

Metabolism is another factor that figures in to obesity. It used to be a common belief that people could lose weight simply by burning calories and consuming less than what you were burning. It has now been proven that this is not the case for some people. Researchers that are studying obesity have started looking at a new theory that is known as the "set point." This is like a gauge in the brain that prevents people from gaining or losing weight. If you attempt to bypass this gauge and significantly cut the intake of calories, you brain will then override you and will lower your metabolism and decrease your activity. This will force your body to regain any of the weight that you have lost.

There are many complications that are associated with obesity. Each of these complications can have life threatening, dire consequences to your health. One of the most common problems that occur when a person has tried and failed many diets is depression. They start feeling like they are not good enough and not able to lose the weight. Their self image continues to deteriorate.

Diabetes is another common problem. People that suffer from obesity develop insulin resistance. This leads to diabetes and many other health complications. There are many organs and systems that can be affected by this.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux plague nearly all people suffering from obesity. This can lead to pain and problems. There can be a need for surgery and many other treatments. Prolonged acid reflux can lead to cancer in the throat.

These are just a few of the many complications of obesity. There are many others. The illnesses above are some of the most common and most prevalent. They are almost guaranteed to occur if you suffer from obesity.


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