Are There Really Any Weight Loss Tricks?

There really are no weight loss tricks to help you successfully lose weight. Unless you count the ways you can try to stay motivated. There are many, many ways to successfully lose weight. They all start with you though. You have to be in right frame of mind to be able to lose weight successfully.

If are you determined to lose the weight for good then we can get started with some weight loss tricks. First, you must look the whole process differently, from the food right down to the exercise. Food is not intended to be there for you when you are depressed or feeling lonely. Food is intended only to fuel your body and give it energy when you need it.

So I guess this could be considered the first actual trick to losing weight. Don't let food run your life. Take back control and let food work the way it should and stop using it as a crutch for all the bad things that happen in your life. The next time something bad happens take a walk instead of reaching for that favorite spoon and gallon of ice cream. You will be amazed at how much better you feel in yiour body and mind.

We all want that magic potion or pill that you can take before you go to bed and makes you thin by the time you wake up. Maybe someday, but for now all there is is exercise and eating much better than you do right now.

Another trick? Stop eating out for a while. Portion sizes in restaurants are huge and you need to retrain yourself on how and possibly what to eat before you venture back out into the world of restaurants and portions sizes for two or three on one plate and thousands of calories also on that one plate.

Another trick that can help you along is to keep a food journal for a week or so. This way you will see in black and white what exactly it is that you are eating and drinking. No cheating here either, write down everything you eat and drink and at what times you eat. It does matter very much what you are drinking, too. If all you drink is pop then you are packing on the pounds daily. If you switch to water and cut out all the pop do you know that you could lose approximately 40 pounds in one year? Yup, 40 pounds. Pop is a doozy.

You can't wish yourself thin. Well, you can wish all you want but in the end it is only hard work and determination that will give you the results you want. Buy yourself a new water bottle, one that holds about a quart of water. Try to work up to drinking four of those a day. One gallon of water should be enough for just about anyone to flush out toxins and get your body back on an even keel.

If you are not happy with yourself you may just find that you are on a loop from hell. Kind of like being on a gerbil wheel and not knowing how to stop. All you need to do is jump off that gerbil wheel, take control with these weight loss tricks and lose the weight. You will look and feel so much better when you do.


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