Natural Weight Loss – Keep It Off Permanently

Some people say that natural weight loss is the best way to lose excess pounds. Losing weight naturally does take dedication and persistence and usually means you can keep the weight off permanently.

The way you start is to change the way you look at food. Start by keeping a food diary for several weeks before you start your lifestyle change. This way you can see where the most change is needed. Maybe you eat too much sugar or maybe it's processed food that is your major downfall. Whatever the problem, you need to figure it out first so it can be changed.

There are so many fad diets out there that it is hard to get your head around comprehending losing weight and being able to keep it off takes time. You need to make a firm commitment to yourself that the changes you have to make will be permanent. Once you make them and become successful you cannot go back to the way you behaved in relation to food before you started.

Natural weight loss will not happen overnight. I know because, as silly as this sounds, I have wished that I could be thin when I wake up in the morning many, many times. Funny thing, it never seems to work. I also did myself another major disservice when I recently was well on my way to losing a significant amount of weight and had already lost 37 pounds when I suddenly lost all motivation. Guess what happened next? I gained it all back plus some. Then, six months later I decided to quit smoking and immediately put on 15 more and all of a sudden I was 255 pounds and very unhappy with myself.

I am so sick of the never ending yo-yo that I now believe I am in the right place and can lose all the weight I need to lose to be healthy. I was able to quit the cigarettes with out much of a to do so now the weight needs to go.

I bought a new water bottle so I can be sure to get the water I need to drink everyday, have quit drinking pop, and have dedicated myself to only putting healthy food into my body. I have a friend who likes to eat out. She is a very bad influence and I have decided to stop letting her influence me. I will stay away from her if I have to because I cannot afford to hang around her if I end up eating things I shouldn't when we are together.

The next thing I have determined to do is to just get up and move. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Doing nothing will only keep me where I am and I do not want to be here any more. Now because I have bad knees I have decided to start by walking in a swimming pool. Many people have gotten skinny by walking in a pool. I intend to find my natural weight loss at one end of that pool or the other. Wish me luck.


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