South Beach Diet Tips – Focus On The Food You Eat

Trying to stay up to date with all of the changes in the diet industry is next to impossible. New studies about food and exercise seem to contradict one another. Furthermore, there are new plans being released every day and it's hard to know which ones are fads and which ones are going to last. Ahh! It's a wonder anybody can keep any of it straight. However, as these South Beach Diet Tips suggest, it is one plan that has proven successful over the years.

One thing that separates the South Beach Diet from other diets is the way it approaches weight loss. In fact, most people don't ever feel like they are on a real diet. That's because the focus is more on the foods you eat, and the weight comes off automatically. That may make it sound a bit complicated, but that's not the case.

As with any other program, your level of success will be directly related to how closely you follow it. The creators of the South Beach Diet took a long time to develop the optimal eating plan, and veering from it means you're messing with the fine balance. Sure, you still may be able to lose some weight, but it will then only be a matter of chance instead of purpose. The only way to see how effective the diet is, is by following it.

The South Beach Diet differs from other diets in that it is made up of various phases. The idea is that you can ease into it and that gives you better odds of seeing success. Each phase builds on the previous phase and it's important that you do each of the phases in order. It may not be as easy as eating junk food all day, but it's easier than a lot of the fad diets that have come and gone since South Beach was introduced.

Now, these South Beach Diet tips may sound good, but you may be wondering about what foods you get to eat when you're following the plan. How about vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, nuts and fish for starters? These are the types of foods that keep you feeling satisfied, and that makes it easier to stay on the plan. You can also eat a vegetable salad, but the diet requires that you use 100% olive oil (with nothing else added to it) as the dressing. All of these foods can be eaten during all three phases of the plan.

To be fair, there are also some foods that should be avoided during Phase 1 of the diet. These include sugar, cookies, ice cream, pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and alcohol. Some people get nervous about this but the South Beach Diet is designed to get rid of the cravings associated with other diets. It works by getting you to crave healthier foods, and you won't even miss having all of those unhealthy sweets. But you do get more leeway with each successive phase, so it's really easy.


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