Clothes Designs For Obese Women That Flatter You

With so much of the population 'expanding' you would think that more and more manufacturers would find good clothes designs for obese women, but not necessarily. Some manufacturers are catering to bigger women, but many of them have refused to expand their lines.

Still, it's good news for any woman who is large but still has a sense of style and wants to look good. Many department stores carry lines for bigger women and there are even some stores that are entirely devoted to carrying plus size clothing for women.

The truth of the matter is that the average size of women in the U.S. is 14. The size 0 -2 that seem so popular on t.v. or on the runways are few and far between, possibly because they blew away in the wind!

If you are plus size don't even try to look like some little sprite from t.v., instead find the best styles for you and your body style. There are some guidelines that can help you put together a fashionable wardrobe that will accentuate the positive and hide some of the negative.

1. Stay away from clothes that don't fit. This means get rid of the huge tent dresses and the ultra clingy stretch pants. Both clothes that are too tight or too loose will make you just seem bigger, odd but true. Instead opt for good fitting clothing styles.

Too many women think that if they get loose fitting clothes it will hide the fat, but in reality baggy clothes just tend to make you look bigger and sloppy. Too tight clothes will make you look like you're bursting out of your clothes, find a good fit and stick with it.

2. Despite what many people think, you can wear more than black. Yes, black is slimming but you do have other choices. Any pattern that makes your torso appear longer and draws the eye away from your mid section can be flattering.

However, for pants you should wear mostly darker hues such as black or dark blue or gray. Keep most of the color on your upper body.

3. Skirts and dresses can provide an attractive style that will hide a multitude of body flaws. They can be stylish and perfect for work, or you can go with more casual styles for day to day. Just remember, a dress does not a muumuu make, make sure the dresses are well fitted and not too big, otherwise they will only make you look bigger and that is not what anyone wants.

4. To give yourself a little extra help you may want to invest in some shape ware, don't worry, this isn't your grandma's girdle. Today there are various under garments that can provide a little extra support without making you feel like you're going to pass out because you can't breathe.

Look, it doesn't matter if you've got a few extra pounds or if you're obese, there are still plenty of attractive
clothes designs for obese women. Do not think you have to give up on fashion, you don't. Just find out what looks best on you and go from there. You have more options than ever before so take full advantage and feel good about the woman you are.


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