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Turning your Relationships from Ordinary into Extraordinary

Tweet   Anyone can have a relationship but it doesn’t mean it is a good relationship.  Extraordinary relationships come through understanding, hard work, trust, compromise and the dedication to building them every day. Relationships are hard. You can’t just assume … Continue reading


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How to Thrive Instead of Just Survive a Divorce

Tweet                                                                                                               Believe or not you can actually thrive while going through a divorce. In order to do so, you will have to change your mindset. In many cases the people involved, feel like they have failed in some … Continue reading


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Your Relationships Are Affected By Not Having the Right Mindset

Tweet   Having the wrong mindset can definitely affect all of your relationships in a negative way, including the one with yourself.  If you allow yourself to have limiting beliefs of I am not enough, or they will not like … Continue reading


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How To Have And Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Tweet                                                                                                               We go to relationships to give and share. It is so exciting in the beginning, then all of a sudden that giving and sharing has been compromised. Now it seems that one or even both of you … Continue reading


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How To Use Social Media To Relate To Your Partner

Tweet                                                                                                           Just about everybody uses some kind of social media platform these days. The newest site is Pinterest and I am  loving it. Pinterest is all about pictures to connecting with others by expressing your interests and showing your … Continue reading


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