How To Use Social Media To Relate To Your Partner

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How To Use Social Media To Relate To Your Partner
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Just about everybody uses some kind of social media platform these days. The newest site is Pinterest and I am  loving it. Pinterest is all about pictures to connecting with others by expressing your interests and showing your personality in a visual form. I was just finishing on Pinterest when it occurred to me, what if we spent even half as much time on relating with our partners, as we do with our friends, potential clients and clients…can you imagine how much better our relationships would be?

Five Steps to use Social Media to Relate to Your Partner:

Be Genuine:

It is so important to be yourself in your relationship. Don’t try to be something with your partner that you are not. It will never work and you will only be putting a strain your relationship that will turn to resentment later on.  Embrace who you are and bring the “Best” you to your relationship, they will believe or not, respect you even more.

Pay Attention:

You need to pay attention to your partner, like you do with others on facebook, etc. Don’t interrupt them, don’t pass judgment, don’t make it all about you…Make it about them! Really listen attentively, to what they are saying…not what you think they are saying. Pause and reflect on what you are hearing so that you really understand and are connecting with your partner.

Be Involved:

When they are done speaking, engage with them. Talk to them about what it is they are doing.  What are their goals with social media? Is it just to be online and  meet people, make connections, share their knowledge or perhaps to do those things while building their business?  Get involved in what it is they are doing. Give your input and ideas in a kind and compassionate way.

Give Freely:

Devote yourself to your partner …give them your undivided time and your attention. Do it whole-heartedly and make them feel that they are special, appreciated and that you value them. Let them know through your actions…they are significant in your life. Don’t  expect something in return.


Share yourself and how your day went with your partner just like you do on your social networks.  Ask them how their day was and what can you do to help make their day better if they haven’t had a good one. Also, share with them your knowledge and wisdom that may help them with something that they may be having a challenge with.

If they are just new to social media, you might want to share some of your ideas and experiences you have had.   Don’t try to minimize what it is they may or may not know about social media.  Offer to assist them in anyway that you can.

If they are just starting to get their business out on social media, perhaps you might want to set a date night to help them with it. The more that they understand what it is that fascinates you to spend a lot of time on your social networks, the more they may be willing to help you with the kids, etc. when you are trying to play catch up, so that you can enjoy some one on one time with them later on.

These are five things that most of us do everyday very naturally, when using social media. You will be amazed at the wonderful results and connection that you will have when applying them to your relationship with your partner. Let it become a natural part of your everyday lives. Mix it up and stir some fun in along the way. Private message them on facebook and ask them how their day was. Text them words of encouragement, etc. Let them that you are thinking about them.

I would love to hear your comment below what other ways do you use to stay connected with your partner, thanks!

About Susan Preston

Susan Preston puts her heart into every project. As a Mindset Motivator and a Relationship Consultant, she helps empower her clients to Master their Mindset and Ignite their Relationships! Susan brings the best of both worlds to clients from the stage, radio and world wide web. She has helped countless couples, companies and individuals put the relate back into their relationships and realize the full potential of their partnership or business. Susan offers both unique and effective strategies to help you or your company reach maximum effectiveness, fast with the right mindset. She is available for keynote speaking engagements, consultations and private mentoring at or contact Susan Preston here...

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Susan Preston is a Mindset Motivator & a Relationship Mentor. Susan can empower you to Master your Mindset and Ignite your Relationships by helping you to get the clarity to take your life and business to that next Amazing level. She brings a lifetime of experience to help you create that balance in every area of your life so that you are truly living your Dreams!

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66 Responses to How To Use Social Media To Relate To Your Partner

  1. Steve Gamlin says:

    I had to laugh at this one, Susan. I am guilty of being on Facebook while on the phone with my beautiful Tina. She’ll be telling me a story about her day, and I’ll start laughing at something on my screen. Bad Steve! Getting better, though. : )

  2. Thanks for putting this perspective into my brain. I tend to utilize social media at all hours of the day because I own my own business. I need to remember my relationship is even more important than the number of hits I get on my website. Thank you! (I am sure my husband will say thanks too)

    • You are so welcome, Mollie. Very true, sometimes it can be a challenge balancing a business and a marriage and other relationships. By applying what we do everyday on our social networks to our relationships, It can really make a huge difference. Thanks, I hope it helps 😉

  3. Wonderful post Susan – I loved how you compared the on-line relating that many of us do with great ease (and often!) to the more off-line relating that can sometimes be overlooked :) Great reminders to actually check in with quality!
    Moira Hutchison recently posted..Life Mapping: A Vision of SuccessMy Profile

  4. A great post which highlights the need to communicate effectively in all our relationships but our closest ones especially. My husband doesn’t use any form of social media at all. (Bear in mind that we live in rural Ireland where socially and culturally most men of my husbands age are still living in the 1970’s!) But we do phone each other during the day and he calls home for lunch. And I wouldn’t want to change that for all the technology in the world!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..The Uniqueness of You.My Profile

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I love the fact that you and your husband talk on the phone everyday at lunchtime. it is so important in staying connected with our spouse or partner.

  5. WOW! Such valuable tips on how to connect with our partner! You are right, if we’d spend as much time and effort as we do on social media, with our partner….I’m sure we’d see a great improvement! Thanks so much for all you do and share, Susan. You are such an inspiration.
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Sharing Simple, Healthy And Delicious Recipes That Are Easy To MakeMy Profile

  6. What a wonderful way to look at all our relationships! Yes, we are so quick to give the best of ourselves to our social media encounters when the person who deserves our time, attention, and niceties is the one we live with! Thanks for the gentle reminder. I think I’ll Facebook my husband right now :)
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Proven Ways To Increase Your Online VisibilityMy Profile

  7. karen p says:

    Love your posts! Wonderful tips on keeping your relationship fresh. xo
    karen p recently posted..Have Camera, Will Travel.My Profile

  8. Olga Hermans says:

    Great tips as always Susan; being connected with the one we desire to build a relationship with is very, very important. Thanks!
    Olga Hermans recently posted..When Life Throws You A CurveballMy Profile

  9. Sherie says:

    Susan, I love this analogy of comparing our relationships on social media with the relationships we have with our partners. Putting those ways into play will definitely give great results! Great post!
    Sherie recently posted..Are You Living in Fear of Being Ordinary?My Profile

    • Thank you, Sherie! We all put so much effort and time in staying connected with our friends, clients and potential clients using social media…why not use those techniques to grow our relationship with our spouse or partner. 😉

  10. Nisha says:

    It’s amazing how much social media has become a part of our daily lives. I use a variety of SM methods for keeping in touch with the people who are important to me. Mostly it’s about knowing what works for each person – there are some people who will always return a text but not a tweet. Others are the complete opposite. And I have a few people who are more likely to reply to a FB message than an email. Who would have thought email would ever take a back seat to any other way of messaging?? :)
    Nisha recently posted..Healthy In A Hurry: Salmon With Curry Yogurt SauceMy Profile

    • Yes, it is amazing Nisha how much social media has become a part of our daily lives. I actually like to send messages on Facebook better then email. Everyone who knows me well and wants to get in touch with me quickly just messages me [grin] Thanks!

  11. Wonderful article, Susan! It’s so true that if we spent time connecting with our partners the same way we do with folks on social media, our relationships would be so strong! I think just making sure you have connection time really makes the difference. Thanks!
    Lisa Birnesser recently posted..Staying Positive in a Stressful Busy WorldMy Profile

  12. I so agree with “Private message them on facebook and ask them how their day was. Text them words of encouragement, etc. Let them that you are thinking about them.” We are in constant communication with others throughout the day, it’s important we do the same with our partners. Thanks for the great tips and reminders!
    Lisa Frederiksen – recently posted..The Dance of the Family Disease of AddictionMy Profile

    • You’re welcome, Lisa! I so agree with you when you wrote, “We are in constant communication with others throughout the day, it’s important we do the same with our partners.” Thanks! I hope that you are having a Fabulous week :)

  13. Liz says:

    This is such a great example of how to improve your relationship. Like we go on social media. I do spend way more time there than building my relationship with my husband.
    Liz recently posted..9 Non Negotiables Of Social Media For BusinessMy Profile

    • Thanks, Liz! That is definitely an issue that a lot of people have, especially those who use social media as a vehicle to build those relationships with our potential clients. it can be very time consuming, but so worth the relationships that are built…like ours 😉 It definitely is about getting that balance!

  14. What a great way to think about relating to your partner and improving your relationship. I’ll have to try that with younger couples. Nice work Susan.
    Barbara Peters recently posted..Three Secrets For a Loving Relationship to Last a LifetimeMy Profile

  15. Jamie says:

    I very much include my partner in my social media activities. Although I can’t clue him in on everything, there’s just no way I do update him on my blogging accomplishments throughout the day and any exciting news that comes in.
    Jamie recently posted..The town I live in: San PedroMy Profile

  16. Sally K Witt says:

    Good post. Always good to find ways to promote intimacy, especially in the age of social media, tweets, texts, etc!

    • Thanks, Sally! Absolutely! I usually set time out throughout the day to reconnect with my husband and when I do I unplug from all electronics, even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes, it is so important to give him my full attention. I also text him when I am out to let him know that I am thinking about him. 😉

  17. Anita says:

    What a great analogy between your partner and social media! I have shared your wisdom on Google Plus :)
    Anita recently posted..Overcoming ObstaclesMy Profile

    • Thanks, Anita! I appreciate you sharing this on Google+. It was so great talking to you yesterday, my sweet friend 😉 P.S. Just think, we would not have connected and became great friends if it had not been for social media!

  18. Great tips Susan! I always find it amazing how much easier it is to relate to someone online than to the person in the room with you.
    Helena Ritchie recently posted..Happiness, a Healthy Mind, and Your Self-ConfidenceMy Profile

  19. Marie Leslie says:

    Great post, Susan. It hasn’t really been something I’ve thought about, but good communication and good relationships do have the same foundations and follow the same principles whether you are online or in person.
    Marie Leslie recently posted..Five great reasons to use Google VoiceMy Profile

    • Absolutely, Marie! I find if we spend even a fraction of the time and use these steps that we do staying connected with others on social media, that it makes a huge difference in our relationship with our spouse. Thanks!

  20. Becky Fisher says:

    We both work at home but sometimes tweet each other since our computers are in different areas of the house. Great tips to remind us to not let our significant others get lost in the shuffle!
    Becky Fisher recently posted..Really – Should You Create a Test Page?My Profile

  21. You always give such great advice on relating to others Susan! Thanks for sharing how we can relate using social media.
    Dr. Sarah David recently posted..Stop #5 On the Road to Brand YOU for Social Media Marketing Success ~ Brand Consistency!My Profile

  22. Susan Myers says:

    Loved the tip: Pay Attention. This one tip alone could solve a multitude of problems in your relationship! Great article Susan.
    Susan Myers recently posted..Pinterest WordPress Maintenance PITWI Contest http://www.SusanMyersBiz.comMy Profile

    • Absolutely, Susan! That is why when my husband and I take a coffee break together and go on the screened porch that we leave all electronics inside so we are paying attention to what the other one has to say 😉 Thanks!

  23. Solvita says:

    Such an amazing advice from a masterful Relationship coach ~ Susan. Love all the points. At times we are so busy to stop and pay attention, such a great reminder. Thank you Susan, wonderful! :)
    Solvita recently posted..Learn The Art of Receiving and Positive Inner Calm – 3 Simple TIPSMy Profile

    • You are so welcome, my beautiful friend! Yes, stopping to pay attention to what our partner has to say is so very important, even if it is only 5 minutes of undivided attention 😉 Thank you!

  24. Susan, I like this line, “Embrace who you are and bring the “Best” you to your relationship”. What a great post. I am working on perfecting these things daily.

    • Thanks, Sara! Yes, I believe that it is so important to bring the ‘Best’ you to any relationship. So many times, people are looking to find what the other person isn’t being or doing, but when we can look at ourselves 1st, I think then we starting seeing things in a much more positive light.

  25. Vicky Savellis-Grant says:

    Great advice Susan. I love this analogy and thanks for the reminder.

  26. Jan Maskew says:

    Thank you Susan for everything!!! You are great and I so need to learn this better :) I must admit too I need to pay better attention :)

    • You’re so welcome, Jan! I think a lot of us need to be reminded regularly to just stop and give our loved ones that added attention. Thank you, I so appreciate you. :)

  27. Amy says:

    Susan, This is truly about how to be a present partner in the 21st century. FB and Twitter etiquette is pretty well understood, but I agree that we should be that mindful about courtesy and priorities when interacting with our partner as well. Appreciate your insight.

    • Thanks, Amy! Being a relationship mentor, I see how a lot of people are spending more time nurturing their online relationships, rather then trying to find the balance and put their focus on their offline ones, as well! :)

  28. Have to laugh but working in a restaurant I see so many couples out to eat. Many of them sitting across from each other updating statuses, texting, watching videos or doing whatever without talking to each other. Heck some of them are texting each other across the table.
    Michael McDonald recently posted..The Top 10 Reasons To Join My TeamMy Profile

    • That is funny and at the same time sad. At least those who are texting each other from across the table are paying attention to each other :) When I go out to eat, I bring my phone and keep it in my pocketbook in case of an emergency, and focus on who I am having dinner with 😉 Thanks!

  29. Mary Pougnet says:

    Susan, a wonderful comparison to bring how one relates in Social Media to the own interpersonal relationships, very well said! Thank you for sharing:)
    Mary Pougnet recently posted..Long Term Effects of Chronic InflamationMy Profile

  30. Sharon O'Day says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I’m worried that the art of conversation is going to disappear. It’s hard to get into a philosophical conversation with someone whose eyes wander over to their phone’s screen every five minutes to decide if that incoming message is more important than the present conversation … 😉 Thanks for raising the bar, Susan!
    Sharon O’Day recently posted..Financial Change: The Rider and the ElephantMy Profile

    • I so agree with you, Sharon. That is why when my husband and I go out to dinner, etc. all electronics are put away. I carry my phone in my pocketbook in case of emergencies. Thanks :)

  31. Thanks for your post Susan. I think it is so easy to take our partners for granted. I love the reminder and I’m going to start giving more than a sentence about how my day went!
    Gretchen Pritts recently posted..Grow A Business Through Good Times and BadMy Profile

  32. You are welcome, Gretchen. Yes, in this day in age with all of us leading such busy lives, I think it is vital to make our partners a priority and to let them know that they are a significant part of our lives. I think he will really like that 😉 Thanks!

  33. Edmund Lee says:

    You definitely brought up some great points here Susan. With the drastic increase in the amount of time people are spending on Social Media these days, the tips you provided are useful in terms of furthering the connection with our partners/significant others. When used correctly, it can be quite powerful in terms of connecting.

  34. Thanks, Edmund! I agree with what you wrote, ” When used correctly, it can be quite powerful in terms of connecting.” So very true! Have a great weekend :)

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