About Susan Preston…

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About Susan Preston…

I am so happy and grateful that you are here. The pain that YOU may be feeling right now is only temporary. Most people don’t realize that with the proper input and clarity, it can be very temporary. I have been there and done that…and have learned a lot along the way.

As a public speaker, I have shared the stage with many of the top speakers at events worldwide. As a Relationship Consultant and Mindset Motivator,  I specialize in  empowering you to master your mindset and ignite your relationships. I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, families, as well as business partners learn to put the relate back into their partnerships! In particular,  I teach how to be the best You in everyday situations, in specific, in your relationships. I coach you on how to master your mindset and to get clear on who you are and what you want. Clarity allows you to successfully get through major adversity with those you are in relationships with.  Below are some particulars on how I got to where I am today. I’ve also included my education and experience for you to better understand who I am and what I am all about. I feel it is so important to connect with people on a personal level and my wish is that this biography allows you to do just that with me.


I did not actually start out in business by giving relationship advice; that came a little later. After receiving my marketing degree I wanted very much to be successful in the marketing realm and I held multiple  positions. I was CEO of Spirit of America, LLC in which we did  fund raising, associated with local schools and charities. I was Vice President of Marketing and Research for a Merchant Services Corporation. Later in my career in Marketing, I was a partner of Legendary Consultants, LLC and was in charge of the social media for our clients.

It is through my years of informal education in Marketing that I realized my true passion. I had been an accomplished speaker for years and was acknowledged for my unique strategies to create relationships and achieve personal development through the use of social media.

I eventually realized why I was so good at marketing: It was my passion for relationship building via social media that has brought me where I am today. I realized that I am passionate about helping people obtain clarity in their relationships. This realization literally forced me into the decision I made to focus my efforts on relationship consulting.

I’ve never stopped learning. I believe that learning is something that we never stop doing until we die. Education is a lifetime process.


I do have a certain amount of formal education, but I feel that my greatest education has been through life experiences. At age 43, I began my life over again. I had just left a 22 year marriage and moved from the state of Connecticut to South Carolina. This all occurred right after 9/11, which means that it was a rough time to begin with.

So I’m in South Carolina, alone for the first time in 22 years. I could either do one of two things: pity the person I had become or take this opportunity and change lives — including my own. My own experience demonstrated to me that testing times do not have to be a bad experience. My divorce was very amicable, as a result. We have to go through trials and tribulations to get to where we need and want to be and I am living proof of that.

At 50, I had come to realize that I have always been a true student of life. I have learned to take whatever situation I am in as it is, and I learn from it.

A perfect example occurred when my mother passed away from Leukemia. When I heard that my mother had the disease, I had also just received the news that my son was in remission for Lymphoma.

They told me that my mother would have at least until the next year to live but, feeling uncertain, I went to see my mother immediately. It was a great decision as my mother passed 5 weeks later. It was difficult to see her pass away, but through experiences such as this I have learned to quickly adapt and overcome challenging relationship moments by showing gratitude.

Nothing gives me greater joy today than teaching you to do the same under the worst possible circumstances.

My personal philosophy is, “To truly know yourself is to understand others. Adversity should build your character, not destroy it”. Even the worst situations are packed with great opportunities.

Why I am a Relationship Consultant & Mindset Motivator

In the last decade, I have found my true soul mate, David Preston. We have been happily married for over eight years. This is the life I have always dreamed of living and my goal is to make sure you are living your dream life as well!

My distinct outgoing personality gives me an unstoppable zest for life. I like to put a massive amount of energy in to everything I do. Energy is contagious, so I maintain high energy and positivity so those people I surround myself with will also catch it. My passion is to energize, teach and ultimately empower my clients to Master their Mindset and to Ignite their Relationships!

I want to help you create the healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship that you have always dreamed of and my life-time of experience can guide you to it. Whether the relationship is a personal one with yourself, a partner, a family member, or even a business partner, I want to help you make it the best it can be!

With my unique philosophy, I can help you discover your true potential. I will help you understand that to have any successful relationship, it is vital that you be authentic. With a slight change in mindset, I will equip you with the necessary tools to successfully enhance your relationships and the other areas of your life! With my help you will soon be on your way to not only having a happy and balanced life, but also  having the relationship(s) that you have always desired & deserve.

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