Workout Videos – FlirtingWithFitness YouTube Channel Launched!

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Workout Videos – FlirtingWithFitness YouTube Channel Launched!
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Reading about workouts and exercises is a great way to learn, but sometimes you need to see actual workout videos to see the proper form to do the exercises correctly. So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve (finally!) launched our Flirting With Fitness video channel on YouTube!

These aren’t long, full-workout exercise videos, but instead just the highlights of some workouts to show you what we do in the gym and how we perform each exercise. Our first 3 videos are up now for you to watch, and while all 3 are shot in a commercial gym that won’t be the norm – we’ll also be working on a lot of videos showing you how to do your workouts in home gyms too. That way those who are working out at home will get the info they need, and pretty much any exercise you can do at home can also be done in commercial gyms. Over time we’ll also be adding some ‘talking head’ videos for subjects like nutrition, weight loss and recovering between workouts, subjects that are equally important but don’t require live demonstrations to get the message across.

Here’s the first of those exercise videos as a shorter-than-normal sample…

And here’s where you come in… If you have specific questions or have particular fitness or nutrition questions, let us know in the comments below so we know exactly what our readers want to see and we’ll look at creating videos to address those issues for you. We look forward to building a large, helpful collection of exercise, nutrition and weight loss videos that truly address the needs of our online community!

So leave your comments below, then head over to our exercise videos and let us know what you think of those first 3 videos, ok? Thanks!


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