Wicked Weekday Warrior Women

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Wicked Weekday Warrior Women
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There’s long been this macho image of the Weekend Warrior – men in there 20’s, 30’s 40’s and beyond who sit at work all day then go home and sit in front of the TV all night on weekdays, then come alive on the weekends playing hockey, football, tennis or what have you. Well step aside guys, because the new heroes are the Wicked Weekday Warrior Women!

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Weekend warriors have always been easy to spot on Mondays – sore, injured or just plain tired out. They seldom, if ever, hit the gym through the week, so their muscles aren’t conditioned for the weekend strain, and with no cardio or aerobics work their energy runs out quickly and takes days to recover. So every Monday they wear their injuries and bruises like a badge of honor, not realizing nothing could be further from the truth.

But walk into any gym these days and what you WILL see is women working out, training furiously with free weights. And not light ‘girlie’ workouts either, but real routines using serious weights! They know that this type of training is the only route to the firm, sculpted bodies they want – and to the energy levels and endurance they need in their everyday life.

Wicked Weekday Warrior Women work out for strength, health and beautiful bodies

More & more women are working out seriously with free weight workouts, eating healthy and doing cardio – and these Wicked Weekday Warrior Women are sculpting incredible bodies! Should YOU being hitting the free weight section of the gym too, starting today?

When you consider all they have going on outside the gym – many are single moms, others work all day then come home to fix dinner for their families – and add in the time and effort they put into their weightlifting, they can only be described as Warriors. It takes strength, guts, perseverance and a warrior mindset to make it through their daily grind. And just as often they’re at aerobics, yoga, pilates, Zumba or similar classes on the days they don’t work out, or they may be out running.

Another sign of the mental toughness of their warrior attitude is that these women work out like mad, yet seldom will you hear them complain about it – they understand the necessity of staying fit and healthy. Their strength, health and energy give them the self-confidence to face everything life throws at them and plow on through it with a smile. And heaven help the poor fool who tries to act condescendingly towards them in the gym – you can be sure they won’t try it a second time…

While you may encounter some of these women in fitness, bikini and physique competitions, they aren’t the big muscular women you see in major bodybuilding shows. Women genetically don’t produce enough testosterone to build big, bulky muscles, so that requires steroids and other pharmaceutical enhancements. Instead these women learn all they can about proper nutrition and eating habits and focus on staying healthy and maintaining their proper bodyfat levels.

And the results of their gym workouts and healthy nutrition really stand out – they’re carving Wicked bodies that attract the eye in or out of the gym. Their skin glows with health, their hair shines and their muscles reshape them over and over again as they walk. Bench presses and flyes keep their chests high while deep squats and deadlifts keep their butts firm and round – results any women loves!

If YOU are one of today’s Wicked Weekday Warrior Women then hat’s off to you – you’re not only benefiting you and your family, but you’re a fantastic role model for women of all ages. If you’re a woman considering getting back in shape, explore the free weights section of your local gym and get advice from one of the women lifting serious weights there (Just don’t disturb her during her set.)

And if you’re a weekend warrior who happened to find yourself in a gym, stop doing cheat curls in the squat rack and move aside – there’s bound to be a Wicked Weekday Warrior Woman waiting to do some serious work!

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  1. Craig W. says:

    As always, great article!
    It’s such a shame that many Fitness websites and magazines still promote Cardio and light weights for women, instead of teaching them the true ways that lead to that lean and firm body.
    Craig W. recently posted..Build Bigger Muscles With A Blast From The PastMy Profile

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