Weightlifting And Testosterone Beyond Age 30

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Weightlifting And Testosterone Beyond Age 30
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If you’ve done any research into getting back in shape or hung around the gym for long, you’ll already know that testosterone is a very powerful hormone our body produces, and that it’s one of the major factors in building big muscles. But for aging athletes or those trying to get back in shape after 30, you need to know more about testosterone…

Weightlifting And Testosterone

Weightlifting and testosterone relate directly to each other in two ways. First, the higher your testosterone levels the easier and faster you can build muscle through your workouts. Yes, you still have to work out to see those gains, but at least you’re rewarded more fairly for all that time you put in in the weight room.

The second relationship between the two is that heavy compound exercises can trigger your body to produce additional testosterone in response to the extreme effort. When your brain realizes that you’re using almost all of your strength in a really heavy lift it signals men’s testes or women’s ovaries to produce more testosterone to help deal with what it perceives as a threat to your survival.

Testosterone Production Drops After 30 Years Of Age

Weightlifting Boosts Testosterone Levels For Those Over 30

Testosterone Production Drops By 2% A Year Over 30 – Compound Exercise Weightlifting Helps Boost Testosterone Levels Back Up To Help You Build Big Muscles!

If you’re over 30 you’ve probably noticed it takes longer to build muscles than it used to. The good news is your body WILL still build muscle no matter how old you are. The bad news is your testosterone production has been dropping by about 2% every year since you hit 30. That is, if you haven’t been lifting heavy weights regularly in the meantime.

Fortunately, you can still boost the levels your body produces if you start working out using an exercise routine designed around the big compound exercises. You should be including them anyway if you’re trying to build big muscles, since compound exercises are the ones using the greatest number of muscles and the biggest ones in your body.

How To Increase Testosterone Levels
As we’ve said, the first way to increase testosterone production is heavy compound exercises. Four exercises stand out here – deadlifts, squats, bent rows and bench press. It’s no coincidence that these four use the heaviest weights in your workout, nor that they use more muscles and joints than the other movements – those are the very reasons they work best to boost your levels.

Make sure every weightlifting workout starts with one or more of these exercises. Once your testosterone level increases it stays elevated for about an hour – so your smaller muscles like shoulders (deltoids) and arms (triceps & biceps) benefit from the increased growth potential as well as long as they’re worked within that hour.

For additional help in boosting your blood-testosterone levels, consult your doctor or a certified nutritionist about the supplement tribulus. Tribulus is a dietary supplement that has been shown to help increase testosterone levels and is available in almost every health food store, supplements store or bodybuilding supply store. But just because it’s so readily available doesn’t mean it’s safe for YOU – be sure to check with the doc before starting to take it. And remember that tribulus isn’t a muscle-building panacea – increased testosterone levels still require effective weightlifting to build big muscles, no matter what your age!

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  1. Make sure to also have enough saturated fats in your diet to support high testosterone production.

    • Great point, Alexander! Just one more way effective nutrition affects our results…

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