Women, Weightlifting & Weight Loss

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Women, Weightlifting & Weight Loss
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Contrary to much of what women read online, weightlifting doesn’t necessarily help women lose weight. But if you’re looking to reduce bodyfat then weightlifting is a great idea for women of all ages.

When women work out with weights, they’re burning calories – an important step in weight loss. Further, the more muscle on a woman’s body the greater number of calories her body will burn 24 hours a day, even at rest or while sleeping. And a properly-designed weight training regime will keep that extra fat burning going for hours after her gym time ends – a nice bonus from her weightlifting efforts!

Women, Weightlifting & Weight Loss

Women, Weightlifting & Weight Loss – Focus on how you look and feel, not on how much you weigh… Be healthy, fit, sexy and energetic instead of skinny, tired and weak!

Healthy nutrition to support women’s weightlifting plays an important role in her weightloss regime as well. A lower carbohydrate intake should be part of any diet plan, and the higher protein intake both supports the muscle building process and burns off more calories to digest than do fats and carbs. For example, a cup of cottage cheese before bed will keep a body burning calories for up to 4 hours as it makes its way through the digestive system – and what could be better for burning fat than having your body burn extra calories while you’re sleeping?

The net effect for women, over time, is complete bodyshaping – fat melting away, muscles firm and strong and extra energy and vitality to face each day’s challenges. No more wobbly skin under the arms, the appearance of a deeper cleavage and a healthy glow to the skin and face – all are pleasant changes most women desire.

But you’ll sabotage your own results if you’re too focused on the concept of losing weight. Generic, systemic weight loss should never be your goal, because if you’re simply using the scale to monitor your progress you’ll end up losing as much muscle as fat, and quite possibly more muscle than fat. Muscle is much denser than bodyfat, and so weighs more for a smaller amount. And your body is designed to rid itself of unnecessary muscle while maintaining fat stores for future energy needs. Weightlifting is the only way to convince your body it still needs the muscle you have, and maybe even that it needs a bit more.

Worrying about building big, bulky muscles from women’s weightlifting is unnecessary, since a woman’s body doesn’t produce sufficient testosterone for the job – you have about 1/10th of the testosterone levels a man has, and look what they go through trying to build big, muscular bodies! Your muscles will get stronger and probably a bit bigger, and your reduced bodyfat levels will make them more noticeable when you flex – but you will certainly retain, and most likely enhance, your beautiful feminine appearance.

Working out lifting weights effectively will let women reshape their bodies and achieve the look they’re after – without losing weight. Since muscle is much more dense than fat, your weight may well stay the same throughout your body transformation, or even increase slightly. But then wouldn’t you rather be fit, healthy, shapely, sexy and energetic than skinny, tired and unhealthy? To achieve the body you want start your weightlifting program today!

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