Summer Fitness – Built Or Guilt?

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Summer Fitness – Built Or Guilt?
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Next summer people will be shedding their clothes and flocking to lakes and beaches or gathering around pools. What will best sum up YOUR fitness shape at that point – built or guilt? If you’ve ever spent a summer out of shape you already know how bad it can get…

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For the ladies…
When summer comes along, will you be strutting along the boardwalk in a thong bikini, confident and proud of your body, or at least know you could get away with a thong if that was your style? Or a short backless sun dress by the pool? Or will you be hiding your body and envying the fit and sexy look of those women who just reek of fitness? If you’re ‘twisting by the pool’, will your butt stop shaking when you do, or jiggle along merrily on it’s own?

Summer Fitness - Built or Guilt?

What will YOUR fitness level be when summer rolls around? Will you be BUILT… or full of guilt yet again?

For the men…
Ever since you were a kid you admired the fit guys walking along the beach, by the pool, or anywhere else men take their shirts off outside. And you couldn’t miss the stares those same guys got from females of all ages who would actually turn and watch them walk by, could you? Those guys might have been big and muscular or thin and sporting 6-packs – but what they had in common was a high level of fitness…

Will the same be true of you next summer, or will you hide your upper body under a baggy t-shirt? Will your legs flow out under your trunks, quads, hams and calves rippling as you stride, or will you be hiding chicken legs under long board shorts or even track pants?

Getting ready for summer…
The thing is, there’s no reason that YOU can’t be ‘built’ for summer – unless it’s already summer, in which case you can make major changes to your body by the next summer. If it’s fall or winter, there’s no rush – you can start exercising and eating better gradually and build up your routines and refine your nutrition as the weeks and months go by.

If it’s already spring and you want to be in great shape by summer then you have to take your fitness efforts to a whole new level fairly quickly – but it’s important that you realize it CAN be done! Keep your goal in mind, be diligent in your nutrition, and get as active as you doctor says you’re able to – walking, inline skating, jogging, weightlifting, aerobics – there are numerous fitness levels so pick the one best suited to your current fitness level.

And as long as you have access to the Internet, you’re not alone. There are numerous online communities with people looking to lose weight, looking to build muscle and/or just generally trying to live the fitness lifestyle. If you’re worried you might not have the motivation to stick with it, consider joining one of the 30-day or 90-day fitness challenges online.

Sail into summer confident in yourself and your body, in great shape at best or at least much better shape than enjoy currently. You’ve taken the first step by reading this article – now follow through and bring your fitness level up both for a sexier body and, more importantly, for better health!

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2 Responses to Summer Fitness – Built Or Guilt?

  1. Nikki says:

    It depends on who’s at the beach that day, how I feel about my own body? lol, sad right?

    I could tell you all day that I plan to get back into shape. But at the time, I either don’t have time or am just too tired to do it. The fact that I acknowledge both of those as excuses lets me know I’m ready to get started on this weight loss journey.

    I’m weird like that. But I do intend to have lost at least ten pounds by summer’s arrival. Wish me luck!
    Nikki recently posted..How to Implement a Tree in Ember.jsMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Nikki! At least you have time to lose the 10 pounds without severe challenges – start by cutting out some of the simple carbs in your daily diet to reduce overall caloric intake, and replace some of the other carbs with complex carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes (yams). Cut out fast foods and sodas, and try to walk more each day. Just those few changes should get you well on your way in time, at least til you make health and fitness more of a priority in your daily routine.

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