Fitness For Singles – Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Getting In Shape

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Fitness For Singles – Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Getting In Shape
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People at any age from 12 to 112 may decide it’s time to start working out and get in shape or at least get back in shape. But if you’re single you should be aware of the relationship issues you’ll face on your journey to your sexier body and new fitness lifestyle.

Fitness For Singles - How will your new sexier body affect your relationships?

Fitness For Singles – How will your new sexier body affect your relationships?

In a perfect world, your boyfriend or girlfriend would be 100% supportive of your fitness goals, appreciating your better body and happy you’ll be healthier and happier with the new you. Unfortunately, unless they’re already in good shape, or at least better shape than you currently are, that’s seldom the case.

Oh, they’ll pay lip service to your efforts and tell you how proud they are of your new-found fitness and improving body. But watch their actions to know if they truly mean what they’re saying to you…

There are three common areas of discontent when one’s boyfriend or girlfriend start getting into better shape. First up, you’ll now be spending time in the gym or your home gym – probably 3 or 4 nights a week. If your partner isn’t working out with you they may resent both the time apart and the rigidity of your scheduling if you’re training seriously. Watch for them trying to schedule activities for the two of you that conflict with your training schedule.

The second issue arises when girlfriends or boyfriends suffer from low self-esteem and low self-confidence. They know you’re in the gym seeing great bodies exercising, seeing sweat trickling down toned muscles and body parts that have been optimized through effective nutrition and weightlifting.

They know their body doesn’t compare favorably and will convince themselves that you’re busy lusting after their ‘betters’. For the same reasons they’ll resent the new attention you’re getting from the opposite sex wherever you go together. Guys and girls will let their gaze linger longer as they watch you pass, and you can be sure your partner will notice it – even imagine it when it doesn’t happen. After all, if they find you more attractive now, they’ll reason, then obviously so will all of those ‘others’.

The third situation arises when boyfriends or girlfriends are noticeably out of shape. You new diet, exercise and training regimen is just going to emphasize their lack of toning, their extra weight and their lack of energy compared to your new self. Without meaning to you’re making them feel like failures for not doing better themselves, for not being fit and healthy just like you.

In all 3 cases, you need to try and persuade them to get in shape, to share in your journey towards being in good shape, healthy and following a fitness lifestyle. Don’t preach – invite them to join you in your quest and ask for their help in staying with it. Be sensitive to their feelings and understand the points above as they relate to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and make sure your words and actions reassure them and keep them feeling secure in your relationship. Be proud of your new body and your dedication, but don’t flaunt it in their face.

And if you’re single and not in a relationship at the moment, don’t rush out looking for a partner just yet. Instead, turn that passion, interest and effort into your fitness pursuits – become as dedicated to working out and eating right as you would to a new lover. Arnold may have been kidding when he said the weightlifting pump was better than sex, but an inspired workout can still leave you feeling pretty great! And use that money you’d otherwise be spending on dates to get the best supplements, equip your home gym and buy great clothes to showcase your newly-renovated and improved body!

Fitness for singles might seem like a lonely pursuit at times, but both the lifetime health benefits and your new-found self-love will carry you through. And now that you’re sporting a sexier body and exuding a lot more self-confidence there’s a much better chance you’ll catch the eye of one of those great hardbodies who share your passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle – the perfect choice for your new boyfriend or girlfriend!

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