EVERYONE Has Time For Fitness!

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EVERYONE Has Time For Fitness!
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Everyone talks about getting back in shape – lifting weights, jogging, doing cardio in the gym – every so often and pretty much every year as the New Year approaches. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to be stronger, lose fat, have more energy and just generally be healthier?

Yet time after time after time you hear people say they ‘don’t have time to work out’. A lack of time is the number one excuse people use to avoid going to the gym or out for a run. What they’re really saying is that their health and fitness isn’t a priority for them, though few would admit it.

Work Out To Stay Fit Because YOU Matter!

Truth is, we all make time for the things we rate as most important. Everyone on the planet, young or old, rich or poor, has the same 168 hours a week every week – no more, no less. If you don’t have time for fitness it’s simply because you don’t schedule regular workouts. Let’s break it down… Most people work 40 hours a week, but let’s allow for prep time, commuting time, etc. and allow a generous 60 hours a week. Proper rest requires 8 hours of sleep a night, so that’s another 56 hours accounted for. Nutrition is vital too, so let’s allow an hour for each of your 21 meals a week. That means your necessities account for 137 hours per week, assuming you’re even giving them that much time.

Given all that, you still have another 31 hours per week – or an average of over 4 hours per day. Lifting weights an hour a day, four days a week, will get you back in shape and keep you fit. A half-hour of cardio or aerobics a day, 6 days a week, will also maintain your fitness and health. Want to really get back in shape and be toned and taut? Three days a week spend an hour in the gym lifting weights, then do a half-hour of cardio and a half-hour of yoga on the other 4 days. All of that would use up just 7 hours a week to stay fit, still leaving you another 24 hours a week for other activities.

Seven hours out of 168 hours per week – or about 4% of your time. Does that really seem like too big an investment to maintain your health and fitness, feel better physically and mentally, have more energy and help stave off conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, heart attacks and strokes? Of course not. And yet most people still aren’t getting in shape and staying fit and flexible…

Face it – if you’re not taking the time to maintain your body, you’re probably not taking the time to prepare and eat a healthy diet and not getting an average of 8 hours of sleep a night either, are you? So what’s the difference between you and those of us who do exercise, eat right and get enough sleep? You’re not valuing yourself highly enough – YOU don’t rank high enough on your own priorities list!

Think about it… You don’t want to be overweight, out of shape, always tired and waking up sore each day. Yet you don’t make the time to get and stay fit. You don’t want a future full of sickness, disease and disability, but you’re not taking the time and making the effort to avoid having that as your course in life. Yet you, and only you, can change that – starting right now. Schedule your workouts, plan your meals intelligently and go to bed in time to get those 8 hours every night.

Why do all that, go to all that effort to lose weight, build muscle and be heart-healthy? Why make fitness a priority in your life? Simple – because YOU MATTER!

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