How Do You Measure Success

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How Do You Measure Success
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Another brick wall. Now, what?

A friend of mine is in the midst of a colossal uphill battle that starts with a brick wall that climbs the sky like Jack’s bean stalk. He has none of the typical status symbols of success. He could easily bury himself in pity and dispair but instead he focuses on helping those around him and creating opportunities with that which he can do right now. He doesn’t complain. He doesn’t whine. He doesn’t make excuses. He elevates. He encourages. He inspires. Imagine what he’ll accomplish when the walls are behind him.

It seems more and more apparent to me that our success is built during the in-between times and measuring it is best saved for after conquering obstacles; after big disappointments; and, after admitted failures (or, mistakes if the F word is too harsh for you). I believe it was Archie Manning (if I’m wrong, please correct me) who told his sons to focus on PACE or performance after critical error. Truly “successful” people probably overcome a lot of in-betweens and step up their PACE time and time again. We can’t all be the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world, but based on your circumstances and how you’ve created and reacted to them – your brick walls – you might be more successful than you think. Consider the cumulative effect from all the people who stay on course, living their lives with dignity and strong moral character and reacting positively during in-betweens despite the fact that they are not curing cancer or playing in the superbowl. Genuine success could be as simple as being part of a continuing chain of people who choose to put one foot in front of the other despite obstacles. Everyday, bright peeps that find a way to contribute tangible or intangible worth to society. I am here to suggest that not being a total drag on resources (time, energy and space, etc.) moves you to the middle and with a little effort, to the win column. The successful side.

Please think about your in-between times, your walls, your natural talents, the incredible ripple effect of one small gesture and the strength and growth that results from adversity. Focus on your PACE and remember that success is measured by the positive and lasting impact you have on those around you. Your personal journey, even when you are stuck between brick walls, can create forward momentum and keep the rest of us moving. Group hug, everyone. Group hug.

Live In The Groove At 50 & Beyond Author Tina Anderson Certified through ACE and AFAA and possessing a number of specialty fitness certifications, Tina Anderson started teaching group fitness in 1985 and has coordinated or consulted for over 15 group fitness programs, served as a master trainer and coordinator for Star Trac Fitness and their Precision Cycling Program, completed project work with major corporations and on international projects, presented as a guest speaker and maintained her personal training business throughout. As a fitness author, Tina's articles often appear in national and international fitness publications.

Tina is an independent trainer in the South Orange County, California, area where she trains small groups and private clients - contact Tina Anderson for information on her current and upcoming Battleground Fitness programs and classes.

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  1. Coby Hunt says:

    Wow this really gives some serious motivation! Great post and great information on how to break down the wall!
    Coby Hunt recently posted..Top 10 Diet Myths DebunkedMy Profile

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