Build & Strengthen Your Confidence

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Build & Strengthen Your Confidence
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Happy New Year and here’s to a lucky 13! I’ve always prescribed to the theory that you create luck by being prepared and by recognizing and seizing opportunities. If you’re not feeling oh-so confident about yourself, you may end up on the other end, S-O-L or (sh*t out of luck). Not if I can help it!

According to research, confidence is not a natural trait for most people. Even highly successful individuals struggle with it. Academy award winning actor Gene Hackman once said that he never watched his movies because he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with his performance. He wasn’t confident that he gave his best. The good news. We can develop and strengthen confidence, especially at our age! These seven tips will get you started.

Good words as we welcome in 2013.

Good words as we welcome in 2013.

  1. Perfectionism Is Paralyzing. Accept failure and mistakes and imperfection as normal aspects of success. If you typically strive for perfection in everything you do, you will never be satisfied and you will probably miss out on the important lessons one learns from taking risks and facing failure. It also creates stagnation. If you’re afraid you won’t do something perfectly, you may not start it at all.
  2. Stop Comparing. If you’re focused on someone else’s accomplishments, you’re not invested in your own. My son is back in a sport he left four years ago. His teammates were more skilled, more experienced, in better shape and guess what, more confident. In the beginning, he focused on how much better they played and how inadequate he felt. Once he changed his focus and stopped comparing himself to every player, he improved and so did his confidence. Someone will always be better than you at something at some point in your life. Doesn’t matter. You are on a different journey. Focus on strengthening your weaknesses, enhancing your strengths and blocking distractions.
  3. Recognize And Record. Pull out your resume, update it if you need to and spend some time looking at everything you’ve done. Same with thank you notes, letters from your kids and photo albums (with special occasions that were special because of what you did). Or, create an outline and start recording your accomplishments, from the insignificant to the very significant. The insig’s started you on your path to the sig’s. Don’t take for granted that which you do easily or naturally and don’t discount an achievement because of it. Confidence is rooted in understanding your gifts and talents and seeing how they have played out, from rocket scientists to stay-at-home moms.
  4. Rehearse And Prepare. Determine what makes you feel awkward, uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Visualize a desired outcome and practice getting there. Start with similar, safe scenarios until your behavior becomes natural. It might be tough in the beginning but the more you face the situation and realize you can handle it, the more comfortable you will become.
  5. Learn Or Improve. This is a simple one. Learn a new skill or improve upon a current one. It showcases your potential to do so much more. From getting stronger in the gym to learning piano or training as a youth volunteer, push yourself mentally and physically and watch your efforts transcend into all aspects of your life.
  6. Accept Praise And Compliments. Stop rationalizing your accomplishments and making them less-than. We are telling the truth when we give positive feedback (unless you hang around with a lot narcissists). Graciously accept with a smile. You earned it. You deserve it. It’s real. It’s you.
  7. Stand And Set. Set attainable goals: daily, monthly and beyond. It’s fine to start small and build upon your success. Remember, you’re building and strengthening. And, always stand tall. Shoulders back, tummy in, chest slightly lifted. Same goes for sitting. No slouching. In both cases, you will not only feel more confident, you will look it, too! Now, go rock 2013 with your serious bad-a## selves!

Live In The Groove At 50 & Beyond Author Tina Anderson Certified through ACE and AFAA and possessing a number of specialty fitness certifications, Tina Anderson started teaching group fitness in 1985 and has coordinated or consulted for over 15 group fitness programs, served as a master trainer and coordinator for Star Trac Fitness and their Precision Cycling Program, completed project work with major corporations and on international projects, presented as a guest speaker and maintained her personal training business throughout. As a fitness author, Tina's articles often appear in national and international fitness publications.

Tina is an independent trainer in the South Orange County, California, area where she trains small groups and private clients - contact Tina Anderson for information on her current and upcoming Battleground Fitness programs and classes.

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