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Adequate Sleep is Serious Business

Tweet Gaining weight, fuzzy thinking and premature aging are all possible results from inadequate sleep. Why and how much do we need and why the big deal? Lots of big-time health issues are related to lack of sleep. Studies show … Continue reading


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How Many Calories Did You Really Burn?

Tweet DID MY TREADMILL JUST TELL ME I BURNED 800 CALORIES? I often get asked how many calories one might burn in a cycling class, for example, since the person asking me the question has usually experienced an outrageous calorie … Continue reading


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The Right Perspective on Exercise

Tweet I am probably like many of you when it comes to some of the reasons I first started exercising. When we were young, it might have been organized sports or a community-based program. Some of you might have competed … Continue reading


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De-Aging with Exercise

Tweet Studies show that regular aerobic exercise can decrease your biological age by 10 years or more and interval training and weight training are key factors in getting there. Why? Mitochondria in our cells are responsible for energy. They transform … Continue reading


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