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About Tina Anderson…Trying my best to be a strong link on this amazing planet. I’m an optimist, sometimes to my detriment, and I believe that we owe those we love and those who love us, our dedication to living healthy, strong, productive and positive. I do that through my work in fitness and media, none of which would matter without my husband, kids and faith. Little time for whiners, complainers and excuse-makers. Half Peruvian and I dig it. Love the f-bomb and I make things happen, so get in the driver’s seat and hit the pedal or get used to smelling the fumes, baby!

A little background…gave up big-time career to raise kids after many years in public relations/marketing and special events followed by crazy-fun jobs in television and radio (classic rock and smooth jazz stations). Did a few years of acting and voiceover and got lucky enough to have a pretty nice compilation of credits. Driving to Los Angeles for three-minute auditions wore me out, though. Have an undergraduate degree in journalism and a master’s degree in management/leadership. Tons of volunteer work and public speaking fill my resume and I actually have one resume dedicated solely to my work in the fitness industry. Was a master trainer for Star Trac’s Precision Cycling program; ran group fitness programs for 15 years, wrote continuing education articles and freelanced internationally. Currently co-host a weekly syndicated radio show based out of Southern California that features jazz-oriented artists who jam live on the air with my host, Blake Aaron. Also, still teach spin classes, do some personal training, write/host/edit a monthly podcast and support the fitness journeys of hundreds as an independent Beachbody coach. Mainly, I try my best to manage my household so my incredible husband and incredible boys look forward to coming home every day after work and after school to a place that is filled with love, security, laughter and faith. LIFE in the GROOVE!

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