What Should You Know About Eating Disorders And Weight Loss?

Society has always been enamored with physical perfection and there is a standard of beauty for every generation. Past generations considered well-endowed women as symbols of beauty. However, this standard has changed over the past years and society now has a bias towards reed thin and anorexic men and women.

The common belief is that the thinner a person is, the healthier he should be physically and emotionally. But this is not always the case because thin does not mean fit and healthy. There are plenty of thin men and women who are not physically and emotionally healthy at all.

This demand for a thin body has created such a pressure not only among adults but to children and teenagers as well. This propensity to look at reed-thin people as the beautiful people has resulted to a rise in unhealthy people with a distorted view of what healthy and fit should be.

Take the case of Lilia who appears to be very fit, what with her reed-thin physique that can carry off almost all types of clothes. Lilia is a public relations practitioner so she has to live a glamorous life, a life that is expected of her by the people in her social strata.

What her colleagues see is a confident Lilia who can get any client to say yes just with the sashaying of her thin hips. Little do they know that eating time is very difficult for Lilia because the minute she puts food in her mouth, she has no choice but to run to the bathroom and throw up. Throw up until she feels that every little morsel she has eaten has been thrown down the drain.

Lilia is suffering from an eating disorder but she herself does not know she is suffering from one. What she knows is that she has to remain thin so that she can continue to become a status symbol of what every successful public relations girl should be.

She has to remain reed-thin or else she will lose her job, her friends, and even her sanity. Unknown to her and to her family and friends, she is beginning to lose her life.

Society is becoming more concerned about eating disorders and its effects among the productive members of society. An eating disorder is actually a hidden disease because no one really discovers that a person has it, not even the person, until such time when his body is no longer capable of supporting her disorder.

The tendency of society to glorify thin people has been blamed as the cause of the growing number of people with eating disorders. In their quest to be a welcome member of society that looks at fat people as ugly and thin people as beautiful, a lot of people are developing eating disorders that have dangerous effects on their health and emotional well being as well.

There are a lot of eating disorders and the most common ones include bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating. Most of these eating disorders are in fact psychologically-based problems that have psychological solutions.

A person who has an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa feels ugly and fat even those he is already below his ideal body weight. He could not see himself as anything else but fat so he continues to lose weight and to be emotionally tortured by thoughts of being fat. Anorexia nervosa can result to irregularities in bodily functions like monthly periods.

A person who has bulimia tends to binge on food for a certain period and then follows this up by food purging in order to eliminate the food he has taken in. A bulimic person gets rid of food in various ways like taking in laxatives or vomiting the food out forcefully.

The eating disorder becomes more complicated when a person has already lost so much confidence in himself and is so psychologically weak that he begins to show signs of both anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

Another category of persons with eating disorders are those who eat and eat as if there is no tomorrow. They do not however purge their food like bulimics do and yet they spend nights and weeks in agony over guilt feelings of having eaten so many food. But then this does not prevent them from binging on food again.

While an anorexic stays unaware of his illness, a bulimic will recognize what is wrong but will keep this hidden. People who have eating disorders can suffer from aches and fatigue and they can be extremely extroverted or introverted.

Eating disorders and weight loss problems are very common in the society because people have a tendency to equate weight with self worth. Unless people become kinder and more understanding of others, there are those who would continue developing these disorders. Don't risk it happening to you – if you suspect you may even be slightly heading towards an eating disorder, speak to your doctor right away!


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