Weight Calculator: A Necessity Not a Choice

Weight Calculator: A Necessity Not a Choice

Today, we live in a society that is image-conscious, one that is always in pursuit of the perfect figure(TM). Undeniably, a lot of people regard a slim shape as beautiful. Anything in excess is ugly.

Many health experts exhort people to watch their weight, and this is already a global concern. There are several slimming methods that are available; some are effective, while others are believed to give more damage rather than benefit.

There is one, basic knowledge that a dieter has to know before deciding to embark in any of those diet programs. Weight loss can be planned. First, one has to know how(TM) to calculate certain things that could affect a person(TM)s weight. And just like any other formula, it has many factors.

We begin by knowing the factors: height, weight and calories. One needs to know how much calories is needed to be able to maintain an ideal weight. Once the caloric need for a day is established, computation can follow. Lowering the number of calories means loss of fat.

There is a different calorie requirement for different groups of persons:

For physically inactive women (like office workers)"1600 calories
Women engaged in physical work"1800 calories
Physically inactive men"1800 calories
Active men"2000 calories

Now that we know the calorie requirements, it is also imperative to know the foods that are rich in calories and the level of physical activity to be able to successfully equate the length of exercise time and then be able to do the math(TM).

Example of foods rich in calories:

Waffles- 200 calories
1 tbsp. of Butter- 100
1 tbsp. of Maple syrup- 60
1 tbsp. of Jam- 55
A slice of Apple pie- 350
A slice of Lemon Meringue pie- 300
Fish fillet burger- 360
French fries (100 grams) – 290
Hash browns- 130

Chicken nugget- 512
100 grams of pepperoni pizza- 1050
100 grams of Ham- 240
50 grams of Fried bacon- 250
100 grams of Frankfurter- 450
100 grams of boiled Lobster- 100
100 grams of Salmon- 180

(All in 100 gram portions):
Roast duck- 430
Roast beef- 280
Roast lamb- 300
Pork- 290
Turkey- 160

(All in 16 ounce measurements):
Cappuccino with skimmed milk- 110
Cappuccino with low-fat milk- 140
Cappuccino with whole milk- 180
Caramel cappuccino- 350

35 grams of Cornflakes- 370
300 grams of plain Rice- 140
350 grams of Porridge Oats- 55

These are but a few of the common foods on our table. Now we should know the 4 levels of physical activities:

Sedentary- no exercise program
Mild Physical Activity- people under this category should exercise 3 times in a week, at 20 minutes each time.
Average Physical Activity- there should be a 30-60 minute exercise at 3-4 times in a week.
Heavy Physical Activity- labor(TM)-centered occupations such as masons, carpenters and farmers fall under this category.

There are several calculators that can be used to aid in weight loss:

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator
BMR and RMR (Basal/Resting Metabolic Rate) Calculator
Activity Calculators

Advanced Calculators such as Walking, Running, In-line Skating and Bicycling Calculators

The BMI Calculator is used to calculate the body mass index. You will be able to know if your weight is normal, if you(TM)re overweight or is suffering from obesity. This is by measuring the weight in relation with the height. The result is the total body fat which is a close estimate of the actual figure. When BMI is excessive, then the person is at a high risk on diseases.

BMR/RMR Calculator is used to know the amount of calories that is being burned in one day which is based on levels of activity.

The Activity Calculator is much like the BMR/RMR Calculator because it measures the amount of calories burned in a 24-hour period.

Now, to wrap up, I know you(TM)ve been reading far too long. It(TM)s time to give out the formula:

BMI = Weight (kilograms)/Height (meters) x Height (meters).

If the BMI is less than 18.5, the person is underweight.
18.55-22.9 BMI is normal.
23.0-27.4 BMI falls under the overweight category
Anything that is greater than 27.5 is obese.

You have just read the complete portfolio to jumpstart your diet plans. All are equally relevant. Use these and you are well on your way to a fit and more importantly, healthy, lifestyle!


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