How Obese Is America?

How obese is America? America is the fattest nation on the planet with over one-third of the US adult population being considered obese. How did this happen? The US is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world and in a place where 'bigger is better' and 'size matters', what did anyone think was going to happen?

In the land of excess, something has to give and it just so happens that it is America's waistline that has given…out.

All anyone has to do is take a good look around to see just how obese is America. More and more these days Americans are buying bigger clothes to try to hide their indiscretions. Which makes it hard to understand why the clothing manufacturers seem to have had a difficult time keeping up with the increased need for full fitting clothing.

As I am one of the many who is considered obese by her doctor, I still sometimes have a hard time finding things that fit well enough to be flattering and not offensive to the rest of the world. Just because I am overweight does not mean I do not want to look good when I go out or even just on a day to day basis.

I do not plan to stay obese but until I can get my head out of the nether regions of my anatomy and get to losing this weight, I wish to look as good as I can in the clothes I have to wear. Has anyone else out there had this problem?

Did you know that in the past twenty years obesity statistics have gotten larger by 60 percent? Obesity is measured by calculating your BMI, or body mass index. I forget what the formula is but if you do the math and your BMI is 30 or higher you are considered obese. You are just 'overweight' if your BMI is between 25 and 30.

So, what has gone wrong? How did we all get so fat? Answer: choices. Choices in diet and choices in lifestyle. Everything has pretty much done a 180 since I was kid. Fast food joints were a treat back then, now there is a fast food joint on every corner that there isn't a bank. We have almost instant access to our money and our food. What we all hav e to start doing is to make the choice to go to the grocery store and make sure that the household pantry is stocked up with healthy food choices and then make the time to cook at home.

The other choice I listed was lifestyle. When we were kids we were shuffled outside after breakfast and only came back inside for lunch and then dinner. We then went back out after dinner and stayed out until the street lights came on signaling it was time to go get ready for bed. I think that kids today do not even know there is such a thing as street lights.

These are just my opinions on how obese is America got that way.


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