Future Obesity In Our Children – Can It Be Family History?

We all need to learn how to deal with the future obesity in our children. Experts say that the reasons for childhood obesity are family history, lack of exercise, and poor diet. Children who become obese may not only have problems with their health they may also may get ridiculed at school which can only make matters worse.

If the problem is not addressed and dealt with when they are young and they enter into adulthood continuing to be obese then the health problems they had as children will only exacerbate and get even worse as they age.

Some childhood obesity can be attributed to genetics but overall the causes are not enough exercise and overeating. The fact that a lot of the food available today is so processed and full of simple carbs is also a big contributing factor to the obesity in today's kids. These highly processed foods are eaten by our kids and then they plop themselves in front of the TV or computer and those huge calories do not get burned off. They then get stored as fat right around you child's mid-section.

Future obesity in our children can be prevented by helping them watch what they eat and encouraging as much exercise as they can handle. Limit the time they are on the computer or spend playing video games and kick their butts outside to play for the afternoon. If this is done everyday then they will considerably reduce their chances of becoming obese.

Other risk factors such as family history, psychological factors, and economic factors may also play a role in the obesity of our children.

If you are overweight, the chance that your children will also be overweight is greater. Children emulate the adults in their lives. If you eat unhealthily then they will follow suit and do the same. Eat right, play righter and be a good parent and limit the time in front of the computer or television. Your children cannot be left to their own devices when it comes to growing up, they do not have the ability to make the best decisions for themselves, they need you to make them for them.

Psychologically, if your child is getting bullied or ridiculed at school for some reason, they may turn to food as comfort, especially if they do not have your full attention and you do not listen or understand or even believe that the abuse is happening. Your lack of response to their problem could be a huge factor of their beginning to overeat.

Also, If you do not have the money to buy and prepare healthy foods, this may be a problem, too. All that has to happen here is you should take your child outside and play with them for longer periods and more often. Doing things together will let you notice if things are not quite right with your child and you will be able to nip things in the bud before the future of obesity in our children becomes a problem.


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