Top Fat Burning Workout With Interval Training

Are you looking for a fat burning workout that will help you lose fat through cardio exercise without being boring? The answer could be interval training.

Traditional cardio fat burning workout plans often involve many hours of doing the same thing. It could be running on the treadmill, rowing or stationary cycling, for example. This works really well for some people, but others just get bored.

If you are so bored with cardio exercise that you stop doing your workouts, it is never going to be successful. So it's time to try something that breaks up your session, giving you an equally effective fat burning workout that keeps you interested enough that you don't have trouble doing it almost every day.

The idea behind interval training is that you move between very high intensity and lower intensity exercises in short bursts. You do not have breaks between them, as you would if you were performing sets of muscle building resistance exercises. Instead, you simply shift down to an easier form of the exercise.

For example, you could be using a treadmill. This is probably the most popular piece of gym equipment for interval training, although you can also do the same exercises outdoors on a running track or in your neighborhood.

You would begin with a warmup. This will be walking at a regular walking speed for at least 5-10 minutes. Then you would move up to power walking for two minutes and running for 45 seconds. If you are fit enough you can add a 15-second sprint immediately after the running. From there you go back to the warmup walking speed.

If you are using a treadmill, then you can increase the incline for the short bursts of harder cardio exercise.

You can continue walking and repeat the more intense bursts in the same pattern whenever you feel that you are ready. You will be ready when your breathing has returned to normal and you can hold a conversation, your heart rate is back down to 120 or lower, and you feel you have the energy to do it again.

The first time that you do this, if you are not used to working out, one time may be enough. You can just walk for the rest of your planned exercise time (at least another 5 minutes to cool down). Repeat it at least three times a week. Then after one or two weeks you will probably feel ready to move up to two sessions at the more intense levels while keeping your total workout time the same.

This also has the advantage of making it possible for you to work harder at a cardio fat burning workout without having to allocate more and more time to your exercise sessions. You just do more of the short bursts and have less walking time as you become fitter.

Be aware that this type of fat burning workout can work the heart harder than doing some kind of lower intensity exercise like power walking or stationary cycling for a longer period of time. If you have not exercised in a long time or if you have any concerns about your heart health, see your doctor before beginning any exercise plan.

If you are running outdoors, please be aware that there is more risk of injury. There are several reasons for this. First, you are more likely to be distracted and not concentrate on form, so the feet may not be hitting the ground in the best way. Second, the surface is usually harder, because a treadmill contains shock absorbers. The harder surface means more wear on the joints. Third, the surface of the track may be uneven, wet or icy and you can easily slip. Therefore, doing your fat burning workout in the gym is usually safer.


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