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How to Thrive Instead of Just Survive a Divorce

Tweet                                                                                                               Believe or not you can actually thrive while going through a divorce. In order to do so, you will have to change your mindset. In many cases the people involved, feel like they have failed in some … Continue reading


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Your Relationships Are Affected By Not Having the Right Mindset

Tweet   Having the wrong mindset can definitely affect all of your relationships in a negative way, including the one with yourself.  If you allow yourself to have limiting beliefs of I am not enough, or they will not like … Continue reading


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How To Have And Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Tweet                                                                                                               We go to relationships to give and share. It is so exciting in the beginning, then all of a sudden that giving and sharing has been compromised. Now it seems that one or even both of you … Continue reading


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How To Use Social Media To Relate To Your Partner

Tweet                                                                                                           Just about everybody uses some kind of social media platform these days. The newest site is Pinterest and I am  loving it. Pinterest is all about pictures to connecting with others by expressing your interests and showing your … Continue reading


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Being All That You Want Your Partner To Be

Tweet       Have you ever taken the time to really think and decide everything that you want your partner to be? What it is you really want? Need? Your absolute ‘MUST HAVES.’  Ask yourself,  “Am I being all … Continue reading


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