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Break Through Gym Plateaus With This 60-Second Workout

Tweet Every weightlifter, bodybuilder and fitness athlete has or will encounter the dreaded plateau at some point in their gym training. You’re still showing up regularly, still putting in 110% effort every workout, but progress has STOPPED… So let’s take … Continue reading


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Why Don’t Whiskey & Weightlifting Mix Well?

Tweet Whiskey and weightlifting don’t mix – and that doesn’t just mean don’t have a few drinks before hitting the gym for your next workout… It means weightlifters and bodybuilders aiming to live a healthy lifestyle should avoid alcohol as … Continue reading


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Do You Need A Certified Personal Trainer?

Tweet Right now, an estimated 3 million Americans are paying for the services of certified personal trainers – sounds like a lot, but remember that’s only about 1% of the American public. So what do they know about personal trainers … Continue reading


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