A Perfect Ending To A Fantastic First Year For FlirtingWithFitness.com

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A Perfect Ending To A Fantastic First Year For FlirtingWithFitness.com
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Last Friday, August 31, 2012, marked our first anniversary here at http://flirtingwithfitness.com, and what a fantastic first year it’s been – mostly thanks to you & the rest of our loyal audience! We’ve welcomed over 200,000 visitors in our first 12 months, serving up over half a MILLION page views!

The success of the site this first year has validated our belief that there was a huge need for a resource offering ‘Fitness, health, nutrition, weight loss & relationship tips and advice for the rest of us’. While magazines, books, videos & websites abound for extreme bodybuilders, powerlifters and runners and yo-yo & extreme dieters, very little was available for people looking simply to get back in shape and live the fitness lifestyle without having it take over their entire life – especially for those of us in our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

While many people have helped to make this site what it is today, there are 6 people in particular I need to acknowledge publicly for their part in this success. First of course is my wife, life & business partner, best friend and Photo Editor here at Flirting With Fitness, Teri (TC) Champigny. As well as both being certified personal trainers, TC & I are published professional photographers & videographers and co-owners of Champigny Photography. Most of the photography you’ve seen on our site so far was shot by TC…

The second Thank You goes to our son Devon Peacock, our son. While also a certified personal trainer, Dev has let me train him and design his nutrition for the past year both to be sure that works for me at 57 years of age also works for him at 24, and to be able to gauge the differing responses and results to weightlifting given our 30+ year age difference. To his credit Dev has given it 110% throughout the year and achieved great results – more on that tomorrow. Now if only I had his youthful growth hormone & testosterone levels… 😉

Third and fourth, in no particular order, goes to two brilliant, beautiful and caring ladies – our good friends Susan Preston & Tina Anderson. Each has celebrity status in their respective fields, their own busy businesses and online presences to operate, and yet they take time each week to author their blogs on this site to help us bring you more of the information you’re looking for. Our celebrity expert blogs have proven to be extremely popular resources for our visitors – Susan authors our Mastering Mindsets and Igniting Relationships blog from South Carolina while Tina pens our Life In The Groove At 50 & Beyond blog from Orange County, California. And since each looks 10 or 20 years younger than they are, they’re also perfect examples of the benefits of living the healthy lifestyle!

Fifth & sixth go to our very special and dear friends Mindy Blackstien & Jeff Kippel. Beyond unselfishly sharing their love and support throughout this last year, Mindy & Jeff are both pioneers and the future of natural fitness and have opened a number of doors for us as we search for the best fitness and exercise information for you. I personally have never met anyone more dedicated to the fitness lifestyle and to helping others achieve their goals, whether on their FAME or BodyProud stages or simply in their everyday life at their palatial home on the shores of Lake Gibson, in the heart of Ontario, Canada’s exclusive Muskoka Lakes region.

Flirting With Fitness Online Magazine Cover Photoshoot

Mindy Blackstien, Doug Champigny and Jeff Kippel At The First Flirting With Fitness Online Magazine Cover Shoot!

Mindy Blackstien, Doug Champigny and Jeff Kippel At The First
Flirting With Fitness Online Magazine Cover Shoot!

And speaking of Jeff & Mindy, they came by on Friday for our first-ever cover photoshoot for our upcoming premiere edition of our Flirting With Fitness online magazine due out later this month. The magazine will be available to read online or download for free in PDF format and will be published every other month as one more way to help you get the fitness, health, nutrition, weight loss and relationship information you’re looking to us to provide for you.

Playing her usual role as lensmaster, TC captured them beautifully – first on the world’s longest freshwater beach at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, and then in our secret training lair buried deep beneath the city of Barrie, Ontario. We all had a blast and TC got some great shots to illustrate the feature and interviews with Jeff & Mindy that will be in our first issue.

The Year Ahead For FlirtingWithFitness.com

As we go forward into our second year, we here at Flirting With Fitness will continue to bring you the best fitness, health, nutrition, weight loss & relationship tips and advice for the rest of us that made us your favorite online resource this year – because we know you expect nothing less of us. As mentioned above we’ll also be launching our long-anticipated online magazine this month, with further issues every two months, packed with information and tips all free for you to download & use.

Also on the whiteboard for the coming year is the launch of training and information videos for you to watch online or download to your mobile device and podcasts in MP3 format for those times when you want to take the infomation with you or listen to it instead of just reading about it. And, of course, we’ll be adding more clebrity expert bloggers to bring you even more in the way of information, tips, tricks, advice and opinions.

How YOU Can Help FlirtingWithFitness.com Help More People…
We really appreciate your support and loyalty during our first year online and will do our very best to keep being your best resource as you get back in shape and head towards living the fitness lifestyle. You can be a big help, too, as we try to help 2 or 3 times as many people in the coming year. Some of the ways you can help are:

  1. Follow & interact with us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  2. Share content YOU feel is relevant with your circles by sharing our posts on your social media and social networking sites
  3. If you have specific questions about fitness, nutrition, weight loss or relationships, let us know through our Contact page
  4. And, of course, please give us YOUR feedback by commenting on the issues we discuss on the celebrity expert blogs or anywhere else on the site – THANKS!

That’s it for today, guys & gals, so until next time, Keep Fit & Keep Flirting!


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  1. MattToronto says:

    Congratulations on your first year, and to many more!
    MattToronto recently posted..Yoga Boosts Immune SystemMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Matt! And thanks too for visiting regularly and taking the time to comment – your insights and opinions are always most welcome!

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