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Nutrition For Lifting Weights

Tweet Lifting weights is great for building muscles, but it’s really only 1/3 of the task – and you won’t build much muscle from lifting weights if you don’t cover the other two areas too. Just as important are your … Continue reading


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Will Childhood Obesity Cost Fast-Food Chains Billions?

Tweet Obesity is the number one health threat facing the planet, according to the International Red Cross. And the childhood obesity epidemic is even more troubling, since it may well lead to a massive growth in medical problems as these … Continue reading


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Which Protein Is Best For Weightlifters And Bodybuilders?

Tweet One of the most common questions from new and intermediate weightlifters and bodybuilders is about which protein is best for them to be using. And no wonder, given all the hype and noise from the supplement companies about their … Continue reading


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Why Don’t Whiskey & Weightlifting Mix Well?

Tweet Whiskey and weightlifting don’t mix – and that doesn’t just mean don’t have a few drinks before hitting the gym for your next workout… It means weightlifters and bodybuilders aiming to live a healthy lifestyle should avoid alcohol as … Continue reading


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Are Fat-Free Foods Making You Fatter?

Tweet When it comes to healthy nutrition, weight loss and dieting, nothing is more counter-intuitive than eating ‘fat-free’ foods. When you start dieting to lose weight, you’re really looking to reduce your overall bodyfat level by burning fat without losing … Continue reading


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